Thursday, January 6, 2011

Whoa, it's been awhile!

Whoa, it's been way to long since I have last updated!! Last time I was announcing Layton is finally peeing on the potty, now I can say he is finally pooping on the potty too!! It's about time, still trying to perfect it but we're getting there!! Lane is also working on potty training, he goes at daycare but won't do it at home yet. We will get there!! Lanes new thing is saying he is pooping in the bathtub.. Even though he has yet to do it. This is what he tells me "I pooped in the bathtub" I say "we don't poop in the bathtub, we poop in the toilet" his response is "not poop toilet, poop bathtub!". This could be a tough one!! I love my boys being little and I'm having a hard time with them growing up so fast! BUT I also can't wait for them to be out of diapers!! We will get there!

I can't possible catch you up over the last, what, 6 months... But I will say we had a VERY good, but busy Christmas! We stayed in for New Years!! Hopefully 2011 brings good things!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Potty Time!

Well I hope I don't jinx this... But LAYTON IS GOING PEE ON THE POTTY. I tried not to push him to use the potty because I didn't want him to rebel. So for the last couple of months we just "tried" out the potty. He would go once in a great while. But it wasn't until Monday that he started using it more. We tired all weekend to get him to go on the potty and he just plain refused to try it!!! I set the potty clock, I went to the bathroom as he was trying, I tried treats and toys. Nothing.. But then out of the blue on Monday afternoon while enjoying some ice cream, he yells at me" MOMMY I HAVE TO PEE!!" So I rushed him to the bathroom expecting him to just sit there and be done but NOPE.. he said Mommy Im peeing. With tears in my eyes I gave him a HUGE cheer and clapping and hoot and hollering!! It was awesome, But I was afraid it was going to be short lived. Little did I know he did it again that evening. That time he was in the bathtub and told me had to go, so I got him out and sure enough he peed again on the potty!! Hooray Layton!!! So far we have been peeing on the potty and only using pull ups at night!! Lets hope it continues..soon it will be poopy pottty time.. How do I do that???

Monday, May 3, 2010

Kansas City


Curt and I headed south for some Twins baseball!! We dropped our kids off Thursday night so we could head out early Friday Morning. I let Curt drive most the way because I had such a sinus headache and pressure. I was miserable! But we stopped at a gas station and got a quick fix, atleast it went away during the rest of the drive. When we arrived at our hotel we noticed we could see both The Royals and Chiefs stadium from our hotel room. It was pretty sweet. and It was right across the street. They had one giant parking lots so we decided to buy a few beverages and head over and do some tailgating. We looking pretty silly sitting in the trunk of the car while everyone else had tents, grills, chairs, and games. But none the less, we still had a great time. Friday they told us a huge storm was moving in, large hail and maybe some funnels! Well they could not have been more wrong. The sun was shining, the air was warm and we were ready for some Twins Baseball!!! The game was GREAT! We had awesome seats!! Couldn't have got much better. By the time we got back to the hotel we were beat!!

Saturday was going to be our day to Explore Kansas City but we knew another couple coming down for Saturdays game so we thought maybe we could explore with them. We have no plans of going to the game but plans Change:) The weather was not looking in our favor that day!! We met up with Wade and Jenni Werner! and headed out to do some sight seeing. With a few minor detours we end up at a casino. The police man that politely headed us in the right direction told us of an AWESOME BBQ Join over at the Ameristar Casino. We ordered our food and HOLY MOLY was there food. and boy was it ever good. I recommend it to anyone visiting KC.. The place was called Arthur Bryants and they have joints all over down there!! Then we headed over to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. It was pretty neat!! Lots and Lots of Baseball History!! I would recommend that as well! With the rain still pouring we decide to get back so we can get tickets for Saturdays game. It was bobblehead night so we had to get there early, and stand in the rain!! We didn't know if they would postpone the game but it went on as planned. It was quite the experience!!! Outdoor baseball is the greatest despite the rain! It was awesome!!!! We were planning on hitting up the Power and Lights district but the game went into extra innings and were all beat, we sat down at the Hotel Bar and never moved. We ordered tacos from the taco bell down the road and there we sat!! We lead such exciting lives!! Vacation wears a person out!

Sunday Curt and I had the chance to sit in the Diamond Club behind homeplate! It was awesome!!!! Nothing like service at a baseball game. The weather was a little chilly so I snuggled into my padded seat with my blanket and only moved to go to the bathroom. I had hot choc delievered to me, some food, beer. Whatever we wanted they(the waiters and waitresses!) got for us!! It was nice to just relax and enjoy baseball!! After the game we headed back to the hotel with plans of going shopping. Well we turned on Summer Catch and I was out for the count! After I woke up I had NO motivation to get out of that bed! I felt like a weight was put on me! I told Curt to just go down to the bar and grill and order us some food!! I had supper in bed and didn't move for the rest of the night. Agh.. tough work being on Vacay!!! With the lights out I was sleeping and ready to head back to MN to see my little guys!!

Can't wait to go back with a group!



Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter 2010

What a great Easter Weekend!!! I have to say I enjoyed this weekend so much!!!! Lots of fun things to do!! Saturday we started out the day with heading to the community Easter egg hunt. When we arrive at the park Lane spots the eggs. He immediately heads for them. But I had to stop him because I didn't want to be DQed before the hunt actually started. Well the little sneak tried his hardest to get over to them eggs. When they finally gave us the okay to start hunting, Lane got his 5 eggs and was off for more, but rules are rules and we could only get 5. He THREW a fit when I had to take 2 eggs out of his hand and drop them. I understand though, cause a one year old doesn't understand that concept. They had a great time and it was a great kick off to our weekend. Saturday after naps we headed out to the Wingen's for Easter supper. It was great to visit with everyone and the boys had a great time playing with all the cousins!! It is kinda interesting since we have to eat in shifts but it works out great!!:) A house full of love!!! The boys were dirt from head to toe so we headed home and took quick baths and it was off to bed so we could be up for Early Service Sunday.

Easter morning I got the boys up and they found their baskets from the bunny then we kinda rushed off to church. Im exhusted just thinking about it... my boys do not sit well in church!! Lane used too but now he would rather run up in front of church. So when I stop him he is not happy, so I spend the last half of the service in the fellowship hall chasing him around. After church we had breakfast there and headed home to play outside!! By this time I am already pooped!! But we enjoyed a few hours outside playing with the super charged fly ball from the Easter Bunny, I do have to say even the adults (Curt and I) had a GREAT time with the ball.. Do you know how high that little ball can bounce! (Pictures to follow). For dinner the boys and I headed out to the Kahles for Dinner!! We have an excellent meal, then headed outside for another Easter egg hunt. Again the boys had a great time and so did Lindsey and Abby who had their own Easter Egg Hunts, Little kids at heart! Layton, Linds and Abby even had a sprint for the last egg..My dad, Curt and the boys played a little baseball and thats when things started getting a little crazy. Abby knew of this great "trick"... I'll let the pictures explain..(I'll post when I get home!!) I have not laughed so hard in a really long time!!! We had a light supper and then I needed to take my VERY Tired boys home!!!

It was such a great weekend!! I love spring!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

On the verge of tears at work... AGH!

Wow, what a day. I feel like Im working at a flippin prison with immature inmates!!!!! Well.. Okay Im working at a high school but from what I remember in High School. Things never seemed this bad!!! Really, I am sitting here on the verge of tears and about ready to go tell the principal that things are OUT of control here.. We have a bunch of kids who act like they have had NO lesson on respect and where it is okay to mess around with friends and where it is NOT okay to mess around. They have no respect for teachers, for staff, and for other people around here. They lie and steal and swear. Push and shove and wrestle on the floors. There is a new thing as sexting that is a HUGE problem. I can't believe it. But what sent me over the edge today was the fact that I walk into my 6th hour class, look over see a girl giggling but pay no attention to it. Then I sit down on my seat and find out there is a puddle of water there that I just SAT in. First, it was super embarrassing!!! Second, the kid said it was an accident that he spilt water on my seat. Third, the girl that was giggling ratted him out. and told me he did it while she continues to laugh. Fourth- I had to leave work and drive home with a wet butt to change clothes. sixth- I didn't get my flower seeds planted during that hour. Seventh- The kid comes and confronts me and just chews my butt for making up such a huge lie.. MY GOD.. Kid... you don't like me to begin with and then to pull that and get away with it. This was not like a few dribbles of water but it was a good puddle on the chair! CLEAN IT UP if it was an accident!!! I am just soo sick of kids these days. Its the reason I will raise my kids in a way where they learn respect for others and themselves. AGH..... and to add to my emotions, this Sunday will be 2 years since Chad has been gone. Thursday was a hard day for me because 2 years ago on that day was the last time I seen him alive!! It hurts so incredibly bad!!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is here!

I really need to get better at this blogging thing. But then again there isn't much going on in our life right now. Just looking forward to warmer weather!!

Just have to mention as I am sitting by the computer typing this my lovely Layton just told me, You need to go to bed or go to bed, those are your choices!! Hmmm I wonder where he has heard that from. He has turned into quite the boss man lately, I sure hope this is just a phase!!! Or im really going to need to learn how to rephrase things when I am talking to him. Oh Boy, the journey begins. The little stinker still has no desire to use the potty chair. I hope this phase takes a different turn soon!!

Laner, is well, a smiley happy kid, MOST of the time, He is still a Momma's boy. He has recently just started to talk more, Im not sure the no talking was part of the 2nd Child Syndrome or what. But he always just whined and usually got what he wanted. Now he is really using words more..such as, More, one, two, three, MAAAAAAAAAA, Cookie, No, Mine, Lane, Nose, Eyes.. I was starting to get worried that he wasn't talking but now he is really starting to talk, he still whines but I am trying not to be such a softy and give in to him all the time.

There isn't much to update about me. I have become a fan of the Biggest Loser and now I am really trying hard to become a little healthier. I have really been watching what I eat and I am trying to excerise a little more each day. I wish there was a gym around here with a daycare. Life would be great then!! But life still is great!!!:) Looking forward to playing some Golf, enjoying outdoor baseball, and canNOT wait for sand volleyball. Curt and I are heading to Kansas City at the end of April to watch the Twins take on the Kansas City Royals. GO TWINS!!!

Thats it for now. I will try to update once our life gettings a little more exciting!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Its back in the bank..

Just to inform you that my money is back in the bank! Wow was that a pain in the rear end!!! I wish I could find the person who decided to steal $2200 from me! Im glad it all worked out okay.. Just a little boring update on the weekend.. Saturday the boys and I hung out at home, I got flowers delievered to the house :) Awesome surprise. and then later that evening Tara came over so Curt and I could enjoy some time out. We went to Mankato putzed around for a bit then went to eat at BWW. It was nice to just get away. Around this time last year we were starting to get to know each other and hang out every other weekend. I could not be happier with the way things turned out!! He is such a great man:) Anyways we came home and watched a movie we were both too tired to finish it so we headed to bed. An exciting evening :)Sunday the boys and I started the holiday with breakfast at Grannies. It was nice to treat my boys to some strawberry pancakes. We then headed to the farm to spend some time with my Grandparents. The boys love visiting with them and its amazing how fast they transform into children themselves when the kids come out! Its always fun. Grandpa bought a heart shaped pizza and thats what we had for dinner. After dinner Layton made his way out to the barn with Travis to see all the new baby sheep. That pretty much sums up my weekend.. Haha just kidding. I had the day off on Monday and since I broke a tooth on Friday I decided I better go to the dentist. I dropped the boys off at Daycare and headed to Hutch. The dentist decided that I needed a crown and made the tooth in 5 minutes. Amazing if you ask me. It was pretty painless. I was nervous because who ISN'T nervous going to the dentist but I guess after surviving two c-sections the dentist isn't so bad. Anyways, I was in and out and on my way with a numb mouth. Needless to say I wish I still had a numb mouth because my tooth is causing my extreme pain!!! I hope nothing else is wrong.. agh. Makes me cringe at the thought of going back! (wait it wasn't that bad was it??)..

Well I better check on Jamie (Laytons name for tonight) He seems to be finding horses in every closest!

Signing off......Katie (the name Layton has given me for the evening)