Monday, December 29, 2008

and I kept Busy..

This weekend was Layton's first weekend staying over night at his fathers. With that being said I had to keep VERY busy this weekend to take my mind off the whole situation. Although Layton never once left my mind. Saturday I sent Layton off with lots of Love. Mom and I cleaned a little, well she cleaned a lot! Wingens wanted Lane for he spent the day with his Aunts Uncles and cousins. It was a nice break for me! Mom was gonna come to a movie with Katie and I but decided she wanted to finish her cleaning. So Katie and I headed to Hutch to see Marley and Me, we met Ruth, Megan, Steph and Dan there. It was a good flick, perfect for any age! I got a nice Christmas present at the theatre too, Dan had my name in the Bauer Christmas exchange, someone suggested I open it there, so I rip off the paper and to my surprise I see a cardboard folder wrapped in clear packing tape. There I sit in the theatre trying to open the gift, after a little cutting with a finernail clipper I finally managed to get inside the cardboard.. Sweet! A 4GB Sd card for my camera. That will come in perfect for my trip to Vegas! After the movie Kt and I did a little shopping and headed home, We went out and got Lane visited for a little bit then headed back home. That evening I headed out to Isaac and Sara Hahns to visit with some of Chads friends. It was nice and they all got to see Lane! Mom offered to watch Lane so I could go out on the town, if that's what it is called in rural MN? I went to Tanker with Kt, pretty Dead, was there for maybe a total of 15 minutes. Then we headed to Gaylord to listen to a band. Seen a few friends, decided that's not where I wanted to be so I headed home. It was ok to get out but I would much prefer being at home in bed!!! So I went home and Lane was just ready to eat, good timing!! Sunday Morning Lane and I laid in bed for a while and I got some quality bonding time with him, which was nice. Then I headed to the cities to give someone a ride there which took up most of the day, another good distraction! It was nice to get out of the house. Once we were back I just had to wait an hour for Layton to get home!! and once he got home I heard the best sound of my life!! MOM MOM.. *giggles* Love you! It was the greatest.. Last night was another story. Layton now wakes up with Night Terrors, it happened Friday night and again last night!! Layton finally fell asleep at 4am!!!!!! It was awful!!! I hope we don't have to go through that every other weekend. That was my busy weekend!!! Glad to have my boys home with me!!!

An old high school friend! Eb!!
sister and I

Lane Almost sitting up.. he still kinda tips over!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas parties #2 and #3

The business of Christmas is over and here I sit with a house full of toys. There isn't even room to walk, so I am going to say this for next year. 1 toy per child, or we will be a toy story by the time they are 5!! haha. Every kid loves getting toys! It has been so fun this year. Layton was excited about Presn(presents). Every where he went he just got more presents!!!
On Tuesday we opened presents with my mom. Layton and Brayden fought over every toy each other opened. Next year we decided we are buying them both the exact same thing.. that way they can't fight over it! And I also decided I'm not going to be buying them so much stuff. When I buy things over time it doesn't seem like much until they start opening it and then I realize I bought way too much. oh well.. it was fun!!
Christmas Eve we headed to my Dads for dinner. Layton got a new bike and loved it. By this summer he will be tall enough to ride it! I can't wait!!! It is super cool!!! Lane just sat back and enjoyed watching his brother open all his gifts! Lane mostly got money since he doesn't really understand how to open presents yet! Christmas Eve we went to our Church for the Christmas service. Layton wasn't having a good night. He wanted nothing to do with sitting and coloring. He would say " Bye Bye" and try to walk out. I could only take so much so I walked out with him, he decided to make a mad dash for the balcony and biffed it on the steps and got a nice shiner. Everyone in church heard the bang and was wondering what I was doing to my child. No Worries I just have a klutz on my hands:) After Church we headed out to the farm. We just hung out and enjoyed each other company. Although, it wasn't the same without Grandma there. But it was still fun.
Santa came Christmas Morning and Layton enjoyed dumping out his stocking and opening a few gifts from the man in red. Lighting McQueen was by far his favorite toy from Santa! (Today we have had to watch Cars all morning and he had to have his Cars Pj's on). Then he headed to his Dads and Lane and I headed to Jim and Ruths for more good food and fun!!! Then it was out to Wingens, 13 kids under the age of 8 running around the house!! And when Santa came things got out of control. Haha.. LOTS and LOTS of screaming!!! It was fun to see the kids get so excited and it was fun to hang out with Chad's family. I just wish he was here to join us in the fun. we did get a huge sign from him. The Shed light flashed and flickered all night long. It was amazing to see!!!!! Then it was home to open the toys we just got and off to bed. Until next year...:)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas party #1

Today the kids and I ventured out in the bitter cold to go to the Uecker Christmas party. I think it was worth the drive. It's always nice to catch up with the family we don't get to see a lot! Some highlights of the day:
*Uecker Trivia- Scott: you wouldn't have known half those questions if you didn't read the blogs.. ha. Also Layton got the crowd going. Brenda asked a question to this effect "who just masted oh la la" and as she is saying that layton runs into the kitchen and shouts.. OH LALA! no one had to guess the answer anymore. Trivia was also a way to bring back old memories, I learned a few things about my dad that I didn't know.. like he used to hide his beer in the ditch!! So clever! And I want to clarify one of Katies questions, "Who failed their drivers test twice and then had to take the trailblazer bus to work at the school?" First of all I only failed ONCE, and I road the bus to work way before I had my license, I didn't ride it because I failed!!
*Layton ate shrimp and liked it. More like he LOVE IT! I was about ready to barf watching him eat that.. I don't like seafood!!!
*Great food! although I hardly ate anything or maybe I did but just ate so fast I don't remember eating. But I do remember whatever I ate tasted pretty good!
*Lane puked on 5 different people. First Traci got it, then Scott, Linds, Julie,and of course myself!! Anyone who held him got puked on. Now Scott you can't feel bad cause Linds got it worse than you and Lane also rubbed it deep into her skin.. lol..he must have really liked her!
*Abby thinks I have a GFW lettermans coat..haha... sorry Ab I had to put it in there.
*And everyone I think had a good time!!!

Tomorrow school is two hours late!! YIPPEE!!!! I will actually get to sleep in!! Stay Warm everyone!
Layton and Brenda eating shrimp (check out the black eye)
Grandma's beer bread

Opening another present

more shrimp!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Weather here you come!! I wish the snow came on a school day, that would mean I would get a day off. Oh well, just as long as I don't have to miss the Uecker Christmas Party tomorrow! I love this time of year and all the snow just adds to the Christmas spirit! Again nothing is really new with us. Lane started baby food and his tummy is still adjusting so we have a lot of messy clothes, bibs, and rags!! Layton is talking so much! and it is so clear! I just love talking with him!! And me, well I guess I could tell you about all my vegas clothes but I don't want to bore you, I'll just show you pictures when I get back!! No one is ever going to believe the clothes and SHOES I got!! oh boy, it's going to be VEGAS style.. Gotta love a personal shopper! Well I'll type more later, layton wants to help me type! here he comes gtg!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can 2008 End?

Sorry to write about the negative stuff..(I think I should just delete the Christmas letter) but this year needs to end!!! I don't think this county can handle any more deaths, accidents, or anything else! For my it all started with Chad passing away and ever since then things never seemed to get better. Why I am writing that is because Friday evening we lost a teacher from GFW in a house fire! Her husband made it out but she did not. I didn't know Deb very well but whenever I had the chance to talk to her she was always very friendly and nice. From what the students wrote she was one caring lady. She will be greatly missed at school, church, and in our community.

I just hope everyone has a happy and healthy Christmas. This year I have decided to take on more than maybe I can handle. I out the Christmas tree up (the decorations are all at the top) Layton only (almost) tipped it over once, I think that is pretty good for a 18 month old! I hung their stockings and Santa plans to fill them too, and my new ambition(i don't think that is spelled right?) is to make Christmas cookies. What am I thinking? I think the reason I want to do all this stuff is to maybe set a tradition for my boys. "Mom always made "----Whatever kind I decide to make--- this kind of cookie for us" "Mom always let us set up the tree and place the Angel on top" or whatever tradition might make us unique. I also was impressed with my pumpkin carving this year. What single mom of a 18 month old and a 4 month old has time to carve 3 pumpkins?? Don't ask me how I did it but I did, and don't ask me how I'm going to make all the Christmas cookies I wanna make because I'm not really sure now I plan on getting it all done. But a woman can set goals can't she?

Layton is amazing me more and more everyday. I wish Ihad a voice recorder going at all times.. Yesterday he was watching the snow plows and came up with "Snow Trucks" Celver! Brenda taught him oooh lala!!! He says it in such a charming way too!!

Lane is my laid back lil fella. He loves the exersaucer and watching his older brother. He loves laughing at anyone who will sit and talk with him. He has discovered his feet and actually plays a little game with them.. he really likes it when I put the sleepers that have little animals on the feet. hehe

That's it for now. I hope to have a POSITIVE Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Double Pink Eye

I have to admit it has been kinda nice staying home with Pink Eye! Yes, Both Layton and myself have the red itchy eyes!! Don't get to close to us you might get it too!! We couldn't get into the dr today until 215 so we both have to stay home again tomorrow. Being I work with kids and Layton is around kids all day we were advised to just take the day off tomorrow! No problem!! It was kinda nice catching a nap with my lil boy today!! We watched Alvin and The Chipmunks and had soup and sandwiches for dinner! I love cozy winter days! Who knows what we will do tomorrow, maybe just hang out and enjoy our time together. Lane is going back out to the Wingens for the day!!

I have to mention Laytons new interest! Bombines!! Combines.. my goodness I had to look up pictures of combine on google so he could see one or two no wait I bet I looked at over 10 different combines! He even went through the Winthrop News and Gaylord hub looking for combines.. My mom finally pulled out the ad section that comes in the papers, out of the garbage so he had a BOMBINE to look at!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Time

Can you believe it's Christmas time already? Wow what a year it has been! Many ups and downs for this household but somehow we have managed to make it through! God only gives us as much as we can handle!
I like the way Traci wrote her Christmas Letter so I'm going to try to summerize my year!

Chad and I did a lot of Ice Fishing this month. It's going to be greatly missed this year. Layton was just a baby so we didn't get out to do much in January.

Was a little rough for me. A lot of silly stuff with some certain people. We encountered a few snow storms and if I remember correctly, Layton was sick a lot!

March was a good month and a very sad month. On the 25th Chad and I found out we were going to be having a baby boy! We were both very excited, although I did think it was going to be a girl! Oops! Just 3 days later Chad was killed in a car accident!

Started out with Chad's funeral. Not a good way to start a new month. Can't really remember what else happened this month. I just know it was kinda a blur!

Still much of a blur, At the end of the month I did have a big baby shower. Lots of family and friends came to honor baby Wingen!

LAYTON TURNED 1!!!!! We had a big party at the farm! I also hit up another Twins game!!

We got a lot of pool time in and the big event was this month. Lane was Born on July 29th!

Was spent with sleepless nights and a fussy baby! Thank Goodness he grew out of that!! Layton also finished up swimming lessons!!

I went back to work!! I had 1/2 the month off, it was nice getting back to work but I do still miss the extra time with my babies!

Fall Fun!! We hit up a few pumpkin and apple farms! And enjoyed Layton's first time trick or treating! I also got a few hunting trips in!!

Speaking of hunting. This is the month I missed that Monster buck!! Still is under my skin! oh well.. next year! We also had a a family emergency. My Grandma Bauer had a heart attack! and she survived it! She is amazing and we have so much to be thankful for this month and the rest!

Just started. We have spent a lot of time up at Abbott but have also been enjoying the Holiday season!! The Tree is up, the stockins are hung, and the presents are wrapped (in Santa's workshop of course!). Bring on Christmas!!:)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I missed it again!

Today I set Lane down on the floor and went to get Layton a cup of milk, when I came back, Lane was on his tummy. Dang it. I missed the big roll over again!!!! I grabbed my camera hoping he would do it again, instead Layton wanted all the attention and also my phone wouldn't stop ringing. What the heck. Hopefully I will catch it soon!

Layton is still talking up a storm. Did I talk that much when I was a child?? Ha I bet some of my family can vouch for that one. I think I did.. infact I know I did because I have horrible memories of people telling me to STOP TALKING SO MUCH!!!!! I love it though, I can't wait to hear the things he will come up with in a few years.. He's newest saying is "LOVE YOU!!"

My Grandma is still in the ICU at Abbott. She is on the road to recovery! What a blessing!! and what a miracle!! I can't say enough about the ambulance crew and the hospital staff!! They saved my Grandma's life!! From what I understand now, 5 shocks usually doesn't do that job and the person is usually long gone if they have to do 5 shocks. Please PLEASE be CPR Trained and AED trained, you never know when you might have to use it and it does save lives!!! I am so Thankful this Holiday season!!!! Life gives curve balls but they aren't impossible to hit. We hit them head-on and deal with it.

Quote of the day from my Great Aunt in San Diego
"Patience for the patient!"

Until next time..