Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter 2010

What a great Easter Weekend!!! I have to say I enjoyed this weekend so much!!!! Lots of fun things to do!! Saturday we started out the day with heading to the community Easter egg hunt. When we arrive at the park Lane spots the eggs. He immediately heads for them. But I had to stop him because I didn't want to be DQed before the hunt actually started. Well the little sneak tried his hardest to get over to them eggs. When they finally gave us the okay to start hunting, Lane got his 5 eggs and was off for more, but rules are rules and we could only get 5. He THREW a fit when I had to take 2 eggs out of his hand and drop them. I understand though, cause a one year old doesn't understand that concept. They had a great time and it was a great kick off to our weekend. Saturday after naps we headed out to the Wingen's for Easter supper. It was great to visit with everyone and the boys had a great time playing with all the cousins!! It is kinda interesting since we have to eat in shifts but it works out great!!:) A house full of love!!! The boys were dirt from head to toe so we headed home and took quick baths and it was off to bed so we could be up for Early Service Sunday.

Easter morning I got the boys up and they found their baskets from the bunny then we kinda rushed off to church. Im exhusted just thinking about it... my boys do not sit well in church!! Lane used too but now he would rather run up in front of church. So when I stop him he is not happy, so I spend the last half of the service in the fellowship hall chasing him around. After church we had breakfast there and headed home to play outside!! By this time I am already pooped!! But we enjoyed a few hours outside playing with the super charged fly ball from the Easter Bunny, I do have to say even the adults (Curt and I) had a GREAT time with the ball.. Do you know how high that little ball can bounce! (Pictures to follow). For dinner the boys and I headed out to the Kahles for Dinner!! We have an excellent meal, then headed outside for another Easter egg hunt. Again the boys had a great time and so did Lindsey and Abby who had their own Easter Egg Hunts, Little kids at heart! Layton, Linds and Abby even had a sprint for the last egg..My dad, Curt and the boys played a little baseball and thats when things started getting a little crazy. Abby knew of this great "trick"... I'll let the pictures explain..(I'll post when I get home!!) I have not laughed so hard in a really long time!!! We had a light supper and then I needed to take my VERY Tired boys home!!!

It was such a great weekend!! I love spring!!!