Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update on Tricia and Lane

Tricia has been texting some information she wanted on this blog so here goes it...

Mommy and Lane are both doing really good. Breasfeeding has also been going good. As of Wednesday night Tricia was still sore so we were not suppose to make her laugh. However Layton came to visit her again and even showed off his dancing skills so he ended up making mommy laugh.

This morning they were in a tornado warning so they were all taken into the basement. I'm sure that was quite an experience.

Tomorrow Tricia and Lane will both get to come home!! I would assume she will be glad to get out of the hospital.
That is all for now. I hope Tricia doesn't mind I uploaded some pictures of the 3 of them. She looks great so I couldn't resist.
Also the pictures aren't in a neat order like Tricia usually has them but I couldn't figure out how to move them so I just left them the way the uploaded.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome Lane Michael Wingen

Tricia and Layton welcomed Lane Michael Wingen into their family this morning. He weighed 9 lbs 3 oz. 21 inches long and has dark hair. Tricia actually went into labor early this morning so he was meant to be born today! Chad's parents are with Tricia along with her mom and dad. That's all for now but we will update more as we know.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shoes/Baby On The Way

First I just had to mention one of Layton's latest "things". The kid if obsessed with his shoes! Every morning when he gets up he goes and finds his shoes and brings them to me and says "Ahhhon" So I put them on, then take them off, then put them on, then he finds a different pair, and the pattern continues! I tried getting some pictures but he is too speedy for me.

Tomorrow is my last day as a parent of one. Tuesday morning around 7:30-8:00am Layton's brother will make his entrance into this world. And it's going to be an emotional one, that's for sure! Hopefully I can have someone update this with either a post or a post w/ pictures.. Now that would be a real treat!!:) Wish me luck, I'm as nervous as a 7 year old going in for shots!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Change in Plans!

Today I went to the dr. for my final appointment with the surgeon. He asked what date we had picked out and I said August 1st. Then he goes.. oh, well, I don't know if I work that day, let me go check the schedule. So 10 minutes later he returns and says, I don't work August 1st, you have a choice of July 29th or some other date in early August. Of course I picked July 29th. That's when I started getting nervous. All of a sudden it hit me. In 6 days I am going to be a parent of two. and A single one too! Although I will have Chad's family here to help it's still super scary!!! Wow.. July 29th!!! I have a lot to get ready before then. So now that everything has been changed I will be spending as much time with Layton as I can because that first week I might not get to spend good quality time with him:(. That's makes me super sad but once we are all settled in I will enjoy spending time with my two boys!!!! I'll keep ya updated with any news about the baby once I return home!! Wish me Luck!!:)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Layton started swimming lessons on Monday at the great Gaylord Pool!!! He did better than I expected him to. I was a little nervous on Sunday night, thinking he was going to cry the whole time and I would have to get in the pool with him and this whole swimming lesson thing would be a waste. Well he proved me wrong. He got right in there with Hannah (his teacher) and played for about 20 minutes and then the tears came. I'm glad he lasted that long!! I forgot to warn Hannah that she won't be wearing sunglasses when she is with Layton because he pulls them off your face. He loved playing with the slide and the lil waterfall that comes off of the slide. Hannah also got some toys out for him to play with. Today it went again and lasted the whole 30 minutes. He cried for the first half and then he warmed up and (I think) he started enjoying his lesson! More time was spent by the slide but he also seen trucks on the highway which I think helped calm him down. Hopefully everyday gets a little better. I know he is too young to understand the whole swimming lessons thing but hopefully he will be used to the water and to having a teacher and not me in the water. I think he will be a little swimmer like I was.

And as far as updates with me, well the countdown begins!

9 days until my C-Section!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still No News!

Went to the dr. today hoping and praying she said my blood pressure was high and they were going to have to deliever the baby! No such luck! He is sitting really low so maybe that is a good sign. Only 2 weeks left until the scheduled c-section, so I know forsure I don't have much time left, but it sure would be nice to have this baby ASAP. I'm sure all your mothers who hated the last month understand what I'm saying! Can't sleep, can't walk, can't play with my cute 1 year old.. Well I can but he has to do all the moving, peeing every 10 minutes!!! And the list could go on. So just wanted to Update everyone. I was hoping he would come early so I could still share a polka with Scott at his wedding (we have to break him in!), but it's not looking good!! So sad I can't be there:(. Well that's all for now!! Hope I have some good news for everyone next week...or SOONER!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Flu=Hospital Stay

Wednesday night Layton and I went to Brenda's just to chit chat, within 10 minutes of being there Layton has puked all over Brenda, another half hour later he pukes again, and then again after that..Poor guy! We gave him a bath and put on one of Abby's shirt from when she was a little girl. Pictures at the bottom. That night we camped out in the living room. He was feeling much better i the morning, but his mom was NOT. I ended up getting sick. I laid around all day. Around 5 I called Brenda to see if should call Birthcare to see if there was anything I should do to keep the baby and I safe. They made me come in. To make a long story short, I was VERY sick. I was dangerously dehydrated, had a bladder infection along with another infection plus I was trying to fight the little flu bug I had. I was having contractions every 3 minutes and they weren't fun! I am also dilated to one centimeter. I had to spend the night so they could pump me with fluids and I am finally home and gonna rest! Off to the couch.
Camping out in the living room

A shirt that used to be abby's when she was a little girl. Cute on layton and I'm sure it was cute on Ab too!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Raging Hormones!

I just need to vent a little, and to most of you, this is going to seem so minor, but to someone who is 8 months pregnant and SO ready to be done this is a "Big Deal"

I'm watching the Twins Vs The Red Sox and they are winning! Sweet! Yeah, Not until they make a pitching change and LOSE the game!!!! My blood is boiling right now because I am so upset that they lost the way they did!!! Come on Twins, your going to put me in Labor if this continues, losing two games in a row, you can't do that to a pregnant woman who is counting on you to bring her a little joy and excitement!! (Although Layton fulfills my joy and excitement)... Okay I hope I can sleep tonight but for some reason this loss is really buggin me!!!!

We will try for a Win tomorrow!

Fish Hero

My mom got a fish tank for Christmas this year, and got about 10-12 fish to go in it. For some reason I started taking care of them. I feed them twice a day, add water to the tank, and just enjoying watching them. Well for the last couple days I noticed one of the smaller fish sitting up in the corner by the heater and not really swimming around like it used too. I went to look at it and, OMG, the poor thing hardly has any fins or tail left!! Some of the bigger fish must have been picking on it while I wasn't looking!! Of course I have been feeling sorry for it for a couple days (I'm sure mom was getting worried about me because most of my concern lately has been about the fish, and that's it. Thank Goodness she didn't send me to St. Peter). Last night, I had had enough of watching this poor fish suffer. I went into find-a-fish-bowl-mode. I called everyone I could think who might have a fish bowl, and Brenda was the one to come to the rescue. Abby once had a fish named Pixie and thanks to Pixie, my fish is going to LIVE! I was really worried at first because it would just lay on the bottom of the bowl and not really move and then kinda float up to the top but with a little shake of the bowl, it started acting normal!!!

Thanks for all who helped in saving lil fishy!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Farewell Friend!

I just wanted to say Farewell to our Friend Brad! Brad and his dog Max are heading to Africa for 3 years. We hope he has a safe trip over there and enjoys his new job!! We will miss him but we know he is doing what he has dreamed of since returning from his mission trip.

McLovin and I will miss you, hope to keep in touch!!!!!! See you when you get back, My kids will be big by then:)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Weekend

We had a relaxing 4th of July weekend.

Friday: Myranda(my cousin) and I took Layton to the pool in Gaylord for a little swimming, He finally lasted longer than 20 minutes in the water. It was such a nice day for a swim and it's an activity I can do without feeling 100% uncomfortable. So it's a great for both of us. Later that Night I finally got to go out for a couple hours without Layton. I first had supper at my Grandparents then I headed over to Gibbon for a little bon fire and fireworks. It was nice to talk and hang out with Chad's friends and I feel so blessed to have gotten to know them through Chad.

Saturday: Brenda and I packed Layton up and took him to Connie and Doug's Cabin. We spent sometime on the beach but it was a "little" windy but it was still really nice. I got a little sun and Layton enjoyed the fresh air. We got to talk a lot which was nice too. I just have to say Thank You to Brenda and Connie for running after Layton. My energy levels are very low at this point in my pregnancy so it's nice to have help with a one year old!!:)

Layton on the beach
Checking out the water
Remote, bottle, Recliner, and sittin in his diaper, can you say Typical Male!

Sunday: Layton and I spent the day inside because it was so HOT and Humid out. We watching the Twins in the recliner until Layton feel asleep right before the game got exciting!!!! I hope he doesn't turn into a couch potato!! That pretty much sums up our weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Preparing for baby

Since I got a bunch of goodies at my shower the last couple days have been dedicated to putting things away and going through Layton's clothes from when he was a baby. OH MY! I am up to my HEAD in baby clothes and I still have a few more totes to go through PLUS There is not way possible this baby will even wear what I already have in the closest and dresser. I got the crib all ready and Layton's toddler bed. I put some car/truck sheets on both their beds and well since Layton loves cars and trucks, all he does is say VROOM VROOM and point to a car. Today I went and bought some plain blue sheets so he will sleep and not play in the bed!! Lil Stinker! I also got the carseat ready to go!! Layton had to test it out first!!!

Layton has been enjoying some time outside as well. He got a new lawnmower for his birthday and He LOVES It! Here he is mowing the lawn like Grandma Jenny does.

That's all I have for news. I went to the dr. today and tried to get her to let me have my c-section early but it never fails with Stubborn drs. Its still set at August 1st! And babys head is low and right on top of my bladder so that is just wonderful! Peeing every 10 minutes or having to go the second I stand up!! Only 4 more weeks to go!!!!! YAY!!!!