Friday, July 11, 2008

Flu=Hospital Stay

Wednesday night Layton and I went to Brenda's just to chit chat, within 10 minutes of being there Layton has puked all over Brenda, another half hour later he pukes again, and then again after that..Poor guy! We gave him a bath and put on one of Abby's shirt from when she was a little girl. Pictures at the bottom. That night we camped out in the living room. He was feeling much better i the morning, but his mom was NOT. I ended up getting sick. I laid around all day. Around 5 I called Brenda to see if should call Birthcare to see if there was anything I should do to keep the baby and I safe. They made me come in. To make a long story short, I was VERY sick. I was dangerously dehydrated, had a bladder infection along with another infection plus I was trying to fight the little flu bug I had. I was having contractions every 3 minutes and they weren't fun! I am also dilated to one centimeter. I had to spend the night so they could pump me with fluids and I am finally home and gonna rest! Off to the couch.
Camping out in the living room

A shirt that used to be abby's when she was a little girl. Cute on layton and I'm sure it was cute on Ab too!

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