Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Raging Hormones!

I just need to vent a little, and to most of you, this is going to seem so minor, but to someone who is 8 months pregnant and SO ready to be done this is a "Big Deal"

I'm watching the Twins Vs The Red Sox and they are winning! Sweet! Yeah, Not until they make a pitching change and LOSE the game!!!! My blood is boiling right now because I am so upset that they lost the way they did!!! Come on Twins, your going to put me in Labor if this continues, losing two games in a row, you can't do that to a pregnant woman who is counting on you to bring her a little joy and excitement!! (Although Layton fulfills my joy and excitement)... Okay I hope I can sleep tonight but for some reason this loss is really buggin me!!!!

We will try for a Win tomorrow!

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