Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fish Hero

My mom got a fish tank for Christmas this year, and got about 10-12 fish to go in it. For some reason I started taking care of them. I feed them twice a day, add water to the tank, and just enjoying watching them. Well for the last couple days I noticed one of the smaller fish sitting up in the corner by the heater and not really swimming around like it used too. I went to look at it and, OMG, the poor thing hardly has any fins or tail left!! Some of the bigger fish must have been picking on it while I wasn't looking!! Of course I have been feeling sorry for it for a couple days (I'm sure mom was getting worried about me because most of my concern lately has been about the fish, and that's it. Thank Goodness she didn't send me to St. Peter). Last night, I had had enough of watching this poor fish suffer. I went into find-a-fish-bowl-mode. I called everyone I could think who might have a fish bowl, and Brenda was the one to come to the rescue. Abby once had a fish named Pixie and thanks to Pixie, my fish is going to LIVE! I was really worried at first because it would just lay on the bottom of the bowl and not really move and then kinda float up to the top but with a little shake of the bowl, it started acting normal!!!

Thanks for all who helped in saving lil fishy!!

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