Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still No News!

Went to the dr. today hoping and praying she said my blood pressure was high and they were going to have to deliever the baby! No such luck! He is sitting really low so maybe that is a good sign. Only 2 weeks left until the scheduled c-section, so I know forsure I don't have much time left, but it sure would be nice to have this baby ASAP. I'm sure all your mothers who hated the last month understand what I'm saying! Can't sleep, can't walk, can't play with my cute 1 year old.. Well I can but he has to do all the moving, peeing every 10 minutes!!! And the list could go on. So just wanted to Update everyone. I was hoping he would come early so I could still share a polka with Scott at his wedding (we have to break him in!), but it's not looking good!! So sad I can't be there:(. Well that's all for now!! Hope I have some good news for everyone next week...or SOONER!

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SnL said... you didn't want to polka with me? - Lisa

Just kidding, hope your feeling fine!