Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Busy busy!

Wow, it's been a while since I have wrote. But I have been kind of busy. Lane has been sick with that awful cough and cold stuff. I think I have an ear infection! Now I understand why kids are so crabby when they have an ear infection! It is so painful!!! I also have been busy moving, I hate moving but I'm excited to have my own space with my boys!! Hopefully it will be okay!!! I would write more but I am extremely tired and I need to get to bed. Maybe tomorrow I will explain the pictures!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I think everyone is sick!

Everyone except me. Layton was to the dr about a week ago with the coughing wheezing business. Now its Lane, I had in there on Monday and we will be going back tomorrow!!! Poor lil guy can't sleep doesn't eat and is coughing like crazy!! We have done the neb and the meds for his ear infection, things seem to be getting worse. I'll update more later, Lane and I will be sleeping in the recliner tonight!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

This weekend was pretty uneventful for the most part. I have a love/hate relationship with Valentines day so I tried pretty hard to focus all my love on my children..(thats the love part of our relationship) the hate part is all the foo foo business of the day. I'll start this blog off with Fridays events. After I picked the kids up from Daycare we headed to New Ulm to pick up my new glasses!! I didn't realize how blurry things were until I put my glasses on and everything was a lot clearer and crisper! It was amazing. I think the boys like them too. Going into the eye clinic with the boys I had 2 situations running through my head, A) This could turn out really ulgy! Glasses on the floor, broken, and lots of spit up for the ladies there to clean up. B) everything would be just fine and like usual I will have nothing to worry about. As it turned out the kids were AWESOME. Layton watched the Trucks drive by on Broadway and Lane just sat there and smiled at people. When it came time for me to get my glasses I pulled up a chair for Layton and he sat on it and was the best little boy! I guess sometimes I worry when I go into places like that with the boys that things could turn ugly but I was very happy with their patience and attitudes. When I were walking about the door there was an old guy sitting in a chair waiting to get this glasses adjusted, he looked at the secertary and said "There goes the next President of the U.S.!" I just smiled and went on my way!! Later that night I took Layton out for supper since I wasn't going to get to spend Valentines day with him. We headed to Ej's, I guess I shouldn't expect him to sit still the whole time so I let him wander around for a little bit, and I learned Ej's has WAY to many toy trucks and cars and trains to see. Layton would not sit still, he found every truck and train their was in the place!! And when it finally came time to eat he decided he didn't want what I ordered for him (Corndogs and Fries), he wanted Mommies BBQ Boneless Wings w/ Ranch! Seriously the kid likes some weird foods!!! It was fun to just spend some time with him!

Saturday I sent Layton off to his Dads for the weekend and Lane and I got some quality time together. Kt, Brayden, Lane, and I headed to New Ulm for a Valentines day Dinner and outing. We hit up Walmart, Maurcies, and Perkins:) I do have to brag for just a sec, but I bought new jeans! I have lost 4 pant sizes since before I had kids. We will see how long this lasts, if I could only breastfeed forever!! Saturday night I headed out for a little mom time. Did I have a date? Well you could say that. A date with the bar stool at Ej's!!!:) Nothing like Singles Awareness Day! It was fun, played a little Wii, socialized a bit and went home to bed!

Now today I have done nothing really. Hung out with Katie and Brayden and of course Lane! Took a nap, cleaned the house up a bit, watched Somethings Gotta Give (I recommend seeing it!) and now I'm about to go pick Layton up! I can't wait to see the lil turkey!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


I got flowers from someone today. No idea who or where they came from. If anyone knows please tell me who sent them to me so I could have a little piece of mind! Thanks.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Whats wrong with Mom singing!

This morning I was singing the GFW School Song because it was stuck in my head. Layton was busy coloring in the living room, not really paying attention to me. Half way through the song he comes around the corner and says "BE QUIET!". I think I was in a little bit of shock, then I got a good laugh!!! Gotta love him!!!:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Four Eyes

Lately I have been having a hard time seeing things far away, I can't get the notes teachers are taking, I can't look across the gym at a basketball game and see who is picking their nose, and that really through me for a curve was when I couldn't see down the isles at Walmart. Today I had my first eye exam and I leave there with a down payment on GLASSES!!! Now I really feel old! I am nearsighted. So reading is still okay it's seeing things far away that really annoys me. I used to be the eyes for everyone now I guess my kids will have to help me read road signs. Oh well, I guess thats what comes with old age. Ha! My new look is kind of exciting. First I'm excited to be able to see again and second I am excited to look smart!! The kids really better start paying attention now! The glasses are pink and brown. Who would have thunk I would end up with PINK glasses.. I'm just hoping the kids don't make fun of me! I'll post pictures of my glasses and I once I pick them up in about a week.

On to Layton. I had to take him to the dr this morning for the wheezing cough stuff that is going around. He has pretty much had a cold all winter but just the last few days I noticed the wheezing business. Just a few neb treatments and things should be good for a while. He doesn't act sick but I can tell he is uncomfortable towards night. Thats when it seems to flare up!

and finally a lil about Lane, he FINALLY got his first tooth! only a mouth full to go.. I kinda hope they all come in close together that way I don't have to deal with a teething child for 2 years like Layton!! He is growing everyday and it's hard to see because I still treat him like my baby. Seriously, where does time go!!

Thats about it for tonight!! I'll hopefully have some new pictures coming soon!:)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Balloon Release

A few pictures from the Balloon release. It was just Chad's sister Gina, his 2 nieces Keanna and Teagan, Katie, Myself and Layton and Lane. It was nice. I hope he got the balloons by now!!! I kinda wish I would have done it by myself so I could have let me true emotions flow but thats okay I will have my time. It was very special and I'm glad I got to share it with Gina, I hope she feels the same.

I need to start making notes!

I first thing I want to do before anything else is wish Chad a HAPPY HEAVENLY BIRTHDAY!!! We miss his so much and now that Lane is growing up I really miss him more. I feel as though he is missing out on so much, I know though that he is with us every step of the way even if we can't "See" him!!! Watch for your balloons Chad, they will be coming up to Heaven with a lot of love!!!!!
Tuesday was Brayden's 2nd Birthday. The family headed out to Ej's for supper and fun. Layton's dream came true that night. He spotted Lighting McQueen hanging over the pool table. He couldn't get enough of that car. I had to peel him off the pool so I could eat my supper. Which by the way I never got to do because Layton's wheels were going and his favorite place to run too was the Off Sale room. There was no way I was going to leave him unattened too in there, I would have one large supper bill!!! Brayden also got a few lessons from Auntie on his birthday, all ya need is a video game and a fake gun and you have free deer hunting!!:) Isn't life great.

Here is a picture of Layton and his drum set. He was quite the player too. He had cymbols too. They were really loud. The things he is doing now just makes me laugh. Ok, I wasn't going to share this story but i decided i'm going too. Layton knows where his penis is and isn't afraid to point it out at any time. Well at daycare he is the little boss man and is always up in everyones business. So they were changing one of the baby girls diapers and layton says "Whered it go?" and with every girl diaper that is changed this pharse is soon to follow. This week they got a new baby boy at daycare and Layton is right there while they are changing his diaper and when he spots the lil guys penis he says "There it is!!" What a smart little guy I have on my hands. He is always saying new things and I just love the smiles brings me and everyone else!!!

This pictures is of Layton in "Time Out". I have never seen a kid so happy to be there! I sent him there the other day for hitting him and I said in a very stern way, YOU NEED A TIME OUT..So he holds my hand and walks over there and sits down and begins to fake cry. I couldn't help but laugh. After one minute I tell him he can get up and well he just stays there and fake cries a little more. But now he will go there and sit and put his head down in shame and after his minute is over he goes and says he is sorry and life is great!:)

Lane is great also, he cut his first tooth last night, Don't know how thats going to feel for me since I am still nursing!! Hopefully I don't have too many battle wounds!! He is sitting up by himself and scooting all over. He tries so hard to get up on all 4's but just doesn't have the strength yet. It won't be long!! Well Im trying to remember everything I wanted to blog about but I'm sure there is something I am forgetting, thats why I need to start making notes!!!
I'm off to the Wingens to release Chad's balloons to Heaven!!! Pictures to follow!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend fun

With Layton away at his Dad's this weekend I got to go out and enjoy a Ladies night! Well I should start off by Wishing my Only Nephew a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He will be 2 tomorrow (Feb 3rd!) Katie has his birthday on Saturday!! They grow up way too fast! Friday evening a few ladies headed to the Xcel for the Toughest Cowboy rodeo. It was a lot of fun and it was nice to just get out! I enjoyed a beer and a good show! That's what it really was too. They are doing a reality TV show on Spike TV (Thursday nights!) and the Quarter Final and Semi Finals were held in St. Paul. This first picture is of the elimination, 2 cowboys were told they had to go home. Also the highlight of the night was WIPELASH the Cowboy Monkey! He was so cute!
Sunday Lane, Katie, Brayden, and I laid around all day!!!! It was kinda relaxing. I got to see a little bit of the Super Bowl, nothing real exciting.
Tonight I played a little volleyball and enjoyed every minute of it!! I don't think I will even NOT love that game!!!! Now I'm heading out to bed. Sorry for the short post but my eyes are getting heavy.