Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Four Eyes

Lately I have been having a hard time seeing things far away, I can't get the notes teachers are taking, I can't look across the gym at a basketball game and see who is picking their nose, and that really through me for a curve was when I couldn't see down the isles at Walmart. Today I had my first eye exam and I leave there with a down payment on GLASSES!!! Now I really feel old! I am nearsighted. So reading is still okay it's seeing things far away that really annoys me. I used to be the eyes for everyone now I guess my kids will have to help me read road signs. Oh well, I guess thats what comes with old age. Ha! My new look is kind of exciting. First I'm excited to be able to see again and second I am excited to look smart!! The kids really better start paying attention now! The glasses are pink and brown. Who would have thunk I would end up with PINK glasses.. I'm just hoping the kids don't make fun of me! I'll post pictures of my glasses and I once I pick them up in about a week.

On to Layton. I had to take him to the dr this morning for the wheezing cough stuff that is going around. He has pretty much had a cold all winter but just the last few days I noticed the wheezing business. Just a few neb treatments and things should be good for a while. He doesn't act sick but I can tell he is uncomfortable towards night. Thats when it seems to flare up!

and finally a lil about Lane, he FINALLY got his first tooth! only a mouth full to go.. I kinda hope they all come in close together that way I don't have to deal with a teething child for 2 years like Layton!! He is growing everyday and it's hard to see because I still treat him like my baby. Seriously, where does time go!!

Thats about it for tonight!! I'll hopefully have some new pictures coming soon!:)

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