Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's been awhile

Where did I leave off?? I have been so busy lately I think I'm losing my mind, I was just talking on the phone with Brenda and telling her how forgettful I have been lately, then our call was lost, so I called her back and she asked me what we were talking about.. want to know my response.. "I don't know, I can't remember!!" Oh My, I know it's bad when Grandma Uecker gives me crap about forgetting the plates and fruit for baptism today!!! Anyways, On with the rest of my weekend.

Wednesday was a pretty special day for Layton because he got his first haircut!! The lil duck curl on the back of his head was starting to look more like a rats tail so i decided to cut it off, with the hopes that it grows back!! He looks much older now!!
Friday I was invited to a Sara Evans concert at Jackpot with my cousin Stephanie. It was a black, Katie was there too with a special Date.. haha I'm kidding.. nothing like a guy that likes to stalk pretty girls. Anyways, I seen lots of people there.. including my Friend Jenny Bjorklund and her boyfriend, Dan and Joan Hoffmann (Brady's Aunt and Uncle), A girl who graduated a year below me, and Cassie Wolpern (just had to add her because OMG it's CASSIE WOLPERN). Long story.. I won't go into detail. Sara Evans was awesome and so was her opening act..well..once we finally figured out who that guy was! Steph and I knew a few of his songs but had no idea who he was.. it was Eric Church..Anyone know him??
Saturday Katie and I attempted to take Lane and Layton shopping..Lets just say I would rather go alone!! I needed Black pants and so did katie. Well Layton is crabby and Lane is crabby too.. Katie looks down at the stroller that Layton is in and see a pair of pants and says Where in the heck did these pants come from. She looks around a little and see a manikin(sp) with just a shirt on and no pants.. Layton, the lil stinker he is, ripped the pants right off of that poor doll!! Good thing for patient workers. He also decided to empty a table of undies right onto to floor..I tried to hurry up and pick them all up but I ran over a lot of them with the stroller..lets just say it didn't go as smooth as I would have liked it to go..
Then we headed to the cabin to see Stacie and the new baby. Well Katie and I get out there and no one is there. So we decide to head home. We stopped in St.Peter to put gas in and I had to back my van next to the pump, so I pull up to this nice car and start to back in well, I noticed I was getting a little close so I pulled back up next to the NICE car and waited for him to leave well, he thought I must have got too close and yelled a few choice words to me, then his nice looking wife comes out and yells the same choice words at me..Talk about MN Nice! I know I didn't hit their car because I would have felt it!!! Don't buy brand new cars if you are going to get mad about someone getting a little close!! I knew better not to try backing up anymore because I didn't want to hit the rich ppls car!!! Then Karen calls and tells us they are headed to the cabin so Katie and I went out there for a little bit to visit!!
Today was baptism, it went good, besides me forgetting a few key items but we got them and everything went good!!!! I also want to mention that I am a firm believer in Chad showing us that he is around us in one way or another, Isaas is in the blue shirt and there is a small circle right by his armpit. Chad just couldn't miss being in this picture!!! I also did ask Chad to show me that he was there today and He did!!!!!!

Well I need to go rest, it has been a busy week!!!! WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL everyone who is going back to school!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Traveling around the state

This weekend was a busy one for us!!! Friday was my 23rd birthday so I had supper with my Dad and then off to the farm for another supper!!! Nothing too exciting. I went home that night and stayed home and that was it for my birthday! Saturday morning my mom packed the boys up and headed up to St. Cloud. One of Chad's sisters lives up there so we made a stop at her house so they could see Lane. A few hours passed and then we were on to Jamie and Jodi's house for a Pelzel family reunion. It was a nice but chilly day so we didn't make it in the pool, althought Layton wanted to jump right in but his mom just wouldn't let him because getting out of the pool would have been a little TOO cold for me!!! We enjoyed the day but I was ready to get the boys home!! So we headed home, Layton was sleeping before we even got out of the drive way and about a mile down the road we were already stopped becaues Lane was screaming. After a burp we were back on the road, that is until Kimball when we had to stop again because Lane had to burp just one more time! Wow, that was A LONG Van ride!!! Sunday, I went and bought myself a new bow!!! Well it's a used bow but it's only been used a couple of times. I am so excited to get back out in the woods and harvest myself a whitetail!! There is nothing more peaceful than squirels hissing at you because you are in their tree!!!! No, it's just peaceful to be out in the woods and watch nature at it's finest!! After I got back from buying my bow, Katie, the bows, and I headed out to Wingen's cabin for the rest of the day. The boys had a blast and katie and I enjoyed a game of bean bags! around 7:30 we headed home, it wasn't the most enjoyable drive home since Layton decided he wanted to cry/scream THE ENTIRE way home!!! So... that sums up our weekend. Only one more weekend left until school starts. I'm ready to go back to work but I'm going to enjoy a few more weeks at home with the boys!!! Until next time...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Layton and Mommy's Birthday Date!

Last night a bunch of us girls (cousins) went out for my cousin Megan and my birthdays! We were going to to go Buffalo Wild Wings but it was a 40 minute wait and we had the boys with so we stuck with the family tradition and went to Good Ole Happy Joe's! I'm glad we did because Brayden and Layton were entertained with all the fun stuff there!!! We had our taco pizza (YUMMY) and Megan and I got the famous birthday horn with a free clown sundae. If it's your birthday the waitresses come over to your table and announce to the whole restaurant that it's your birthday and that everyone should sing along. They told everyone our age (20 and 23) and everyone clapped and they sang happy birthday and honked the horn and the tradition is still going strong, 23 year later!!!! I'm surprised they didn't check our Id's just to make sure we weren't lying just to get a free sundae!!! I love those sundaes and I plan on spending more of my birthdays at Happy Joe's along with my boys birthdays!!

I called last night Layton and Mommy's Date Night because it seems with breastfeeding and just trying to take care of a newborn that I don't get to spend much time with Layton anymore. Of course we still hang out when Lane is sleeping but it's not like it used to be. So last night was so special for us because we had some major bonding time and it was so much fun! Layton was such a good boy the whole night!!! I am looking forward to more one on one time with him...(Next Saturday when we go to the state fair!!) That's all for now. I'm going to try and get as much sleep as I can today since I am a walking zombie right now!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Overseas Scare

A while back we had a foreign exchange student from Spain. Over the years he has kinda become a brother to us and he still calls Katie and I his sisters and our boys his nephews (even though he has never met them yet). Well anyways, He is a flight attendent (or something with the airlines) in Spain. He has always wanted to work for the airlines. Well today Mom calls me from work and informs me about a plane crash in Madrid, Spain that has killed 150 people. Of course I go into panic mode because that's just how I am and I try and contact Vin via e-mail right away!!! I also got on the phone and tried to contact some of his friends he made here in Winthrop who still keep in contact with him. No Luck. I checked me e-mail and the news all day just WAITING for something to tell me Vin was okay!!!

Well just about an hour ago I get an e-mail that says "I'm Alive!!". My fears of my brother being gone went away! Today was his day off and the place was from a different company so he was no where near the crash!!! Uff Da! Keeping everyone and their families in my prayers!!!!

From KEYC: A developing story overseas this midday:Close to 150 people are believed dead after a plane crash in Spain.The jetliner bound for the Canary Islands swerved off the runway while departing from the Madrid airport and caught fire.Thick, white smoke billowed from the scene at the airport.Authorities there say of the 173 passengers aboard the plane, only 26 survived.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Family Fun

Nothing really new just trying to enjoy the rest of the summer. Man, has it gone fast!!!! One more month before I have to go back to work, doesn't seem possible yet.

Fideldy's came to visit this weekend! It was just like old times!! The girls are getting big! Oh How time flies!!!

Last night we went to the Mcleod County Fair! Layton loved it of course. Ran all over the barns. His favorite animals were the baby chicks! I couldn't get him away from them!!!

Not much time to write so I'll update more later!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Hangover?

Just like everyone else in the world, I have been addicted to the olympics. My night usually consists of the Twins game then on to NBC for some swimming (of whatever may be on at the time). I have not been getting much sleep lately, and it's not because of the olympics either, Lane likes to eat a lot at night!! So between watching swimming until Michael is done and lane getting up every 2-3 hours I'm not sleeping a whole lot. Oh and I have to mention that on the news the other night they have been talking about "the olympic hangover". I guess a lot of people have been coming to work kinda tired since the games started. I'll account 15% of my "hangover" to the the olympics. Saturday I'm hoping to catch some womens wrestling. There is a girl from New Ulm who made the US Team, Ali Bernard. So cheer hard for the USA!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rainy Days

Today it has been raining on and off. Once the rain would stop either Layton or Lane would be napping so I really couldn't get them outside. So around 3:30-4 it just down poured here and I was pretty bummed because Layton was pretty antsy and needed to get outside. When it finally stopped raining I picked him up and carried him outside and let him run in puddles for a while! It was nice and cool and it gave him a chance to be outside. Now of course it's super muggy out and I hate taking Lane out when it's like this. At least Layton got out for some fresh air!! Hopefully we can get our walk in tonight when it (hopefully) cools down!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

more pictures to follow my new post

Here are a few more pictures, make sure you check out the post after this one!!:)

Busy Weekend

This weekend was busy but fun! Saturday Lane was up a lot and I also had Layton in the same room so whenever Lane would cry Layton would cry too. Lets just say I was lacking sleep by 7 in the morning. Katie came to the rescue and got Layton after the fitness walk so I could catch a quick nap before the big day in Gaylord. I finally got out the door with Lane and was off to Gaylord for the parade. It was a good parade.. LONG.. but good. Layton sat through the whole thing! He loves trucks and animals so going to a parade is just up his alley. After the parade, Layton, Brayden, Katie, and I headed to the park to see what kinds of things we could do with the boys. When she got in the car she said she forgot her camera but I told her I had mine so I would just take some pictures for her. Well..when we got to our first activity and I went to get my camera, IT WASN'T There.. I had left it in the other diaper bag for Lane at my Aunt Connie's house. Good thing Dawn was in the park because she let us use her camera to capture the fun. So whenever she sends me those pictures I will post them (No Hurry Dawn!:)) The Boys rode on a train for lil kids, took a picture with a buffalo, and rode the horse and wagon. By this time we were all dripping wet and the boys were starting to get really crabby so we headed home for the day! I just love getting to spend the day doing things that make my boys smile. I am looking forward to many many years of laughs and giggles and excitement. That's what makes being a mommy so much fun!!!!

Sunday was busy too. Just ask me what I did! Ok.. I'll just tell you..I did nothing all day but watch the boys (Brayden and Katie were over). And let me tell you.. that will make you tired!!! Katie went shopping so Myranda came over to help with Brayden. Layton and "B", as we call him, are starting to fight now. We had two big fights.. One over a blanket. and the other was a food fight. The boys both have the same blanket but different colors. B's is yellow and Layton's is blue. Well they weren't happy with their own blankets and want the other 's blanket but then that boy would want his blanket back and it just went back and forth. Finally they got sick of it and quit fighting! Thank Goodness!! Then at lunch I set him right across from each other in the high cars. Well Layton was done eating and decided to throw his food on the floor, well B caught on to this and he started throwing food and Layton and then Layton would throw food back! Good thing I wasn't feeding them pudding or something messy!! Layton also got into the closet where the diapers are and had his own fun, B woke up with some CRAZY hair (Check out the pics!!!), B decided to empty the bag of goldfish for us, Myranda sucked up a bib in the vacuum, and we also had dump truck rides! Exciting day huh??? I was pooped by the end of the day and I think Myranda was too. Layton's balloon from the parade

Lane Michael

Layton cleaning out the closet

B's wild hair


Until next time...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Layton's First Year of Swimming Lessons!

I signed Layton up for swimming lessons this year because I thought he should start getting used to the water and also being in the water with someone other than me!! The first week went great!! Hardly any crying, the second week there was lots of crying, but Layton was going through a lot that week with me being gone and also welcoming a new baby into the family! Then he had 2 days this week and it went great!!! Today was the last day so Hannah his teacher took him down the slide, and to my surprise he never cried!!!! I though forsure he would crap his pants and that would be the way we ended swimming lessons!! Then after the slide the kids got to "Walk on Water", Layton didn't really know what he was suppose to do on the mats so he crawled around a little bit, Layed down for a while and then wanted to get on and off. He of course didn't pass swimming lessons and might not next year either but oh well. I'm just glad it was successful for the most part!!!

Layton has been doing pretty good with his little brother. He likes to give him hugs and kisses but hasn't learned how to touch gently yet.. He says "NAAice" but then hits him! He will get it soon!!! That all for now folks!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Life with two boys!

Life with two boys is hectic!! Holy Moly... trying to get ready for church this morning was a workout in it self! My mom and I were both sweating by the time we sat down in church. Once we get in a routine things should mellow down.. HOPEFULLY.. I do love my boys though. I always wondered how I am going to love two kids at the same time. I think my love grew stronger for each one once Lane was here. What a blessing it is!!! I just wanted to upload some pictures and now I'm going to feed Lane while watching Army Wives.. Layton is at a church softball game with my mom. I'm glad she has the energy for him right now because I am running on Low!!! Update more when I have time!!! Enjoy my lil blessings!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Home at Last

We are finally home! Layton is still with Brenda so I can get adjusted to Lane's schedule. Our first night home didn't go as I had planned. Lane was up fussy from 11:50-5:15am!!!!! I think he had a tummy ache because he wasn't like that at the hospital. But as soon as he FINALLY went to sleep, he slept until almost 11 this morning. Now if we can just get that adjusted so he is sleeping when I wanna be sleeping. He is nursing okay, not as well as he did in the hospital. I'm going to keep working on it though, I don't want to go to the bottle because I feel such a special bond with him while i'm nursing. Once Layton gets home and adjusted it might be a whole new story! I have 8 weeks to figure it out!!

Also I wanted to thank the people at the S.O. (Sheriffs Office) for the awesome nicknames you have given my children!! McLovin a.k.a. Layton and the newest addition Tandog a.k.a. Lane. Don L. was kind enough to make T-shirts for the boys to make sure everyone knows their new names!! Check out the pictures. (Ps. The names really aren't THAT bad, just had to give everyone crap for giving my children names like McLovin and Tandog!!)

Well I don't have much time to write on here anymore, time to get back to the babe. Update when something new happens!!!