Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's been awhile

Where did I leave off?? I have been so busy lately I think I'm losing my mind, I was just talking on the phone with Brenda and telling her how forgettful I have been lately, then our call was lost, so I called her back and she asked me what we were talking about.. want to know my response.. "I don't know, I can't remember!!" Oh My, I know it's bad when Grandma Uecker gives me crap about forgetting the plates and fruit for baptism today!!! Anyways, On with the rest of my weekend.

Wednesday was a pretty special day for Layton because he got his first haircut!! The lil duck curl on the back of his head was starting to look more like a rats tail so i decided to cut it off, with the hopes that it grows back!! He looks much older now!!
Friday I was invited to a Sara Evans concert at Jackpot with my cousin Stephanie. It was a black, Katie was there too with a special Date.. haha I'm kidding.. nothing like a guy that likes to stalk pretty girls. Anyways, I seen lots of people there.. including my Friend Jenny Bjorklund and her boyfriend, Dan and Joan Hoffmann (Brady's Aunt and Uncle), A girl who graduated a year below me, and Cassie Wolpern (just had to add her because OMG it's CASSIE WOLPERN). Long story.. I won't go into detail. Sara Evans was awesome and so was her opening act..well..once we finally figured out who that guy was! Steph and I knew a few of his songs but had no idea who he was.. it was Eric Church..Anyone know him??
Saturday Katie and I attempted to take Lane and Layton shopping..Lets just say I would rather go alone!! I needed Black pants and so did katie. Well Layton is crabby and Lane is crabby too.. Katie looks down at the stroller that Layton is in and see a pair of pants and says Where in the heck did these pants come from. She looks around a little and see a manikin(sp) with just a shirt on and no pants.. Layton, the lil stinker he is, ripped the pants right off of that poor doll!! Good thing for patient workers. He also decided to empty a table of undies right onto to floor..I tried to hurry up and pick them all up but I ran over a lot of them with the stroller..lets just say it didn't go as smooth as I would have liked it to go..
Then we headed to the cabin to see Stacie and the new baby. Well Katie and I get out there and no one is there. So we decide to head home. We stopped in St.Peter to put gas in and I had to back my van next to the pump, so I pull up to this nice car and start to back in well, I noticed I was getting a little close so I pulled back up next to the NICE car and waited for him to leave well, he thought I must have got too close and yelled a few choice words to me, then his nice looking wife comes out and yells the same choice words at me..Talk about MN Nice! I know I didn't hit their car because I would have felt it!!! Don't buy brand new cars if you are going to get mad about someone getting a little close!! I knew better not to try backing up anymore because I didn't want to hit the rich ppls car!!! Then Karen calls and tells us they are headed to the cabin so Katie and I went out there for a little bit to visit!!
Today was baptism, it went good, besides me forgetting a few key items but we got them and everything went good!!!! I also want to mention that I am a firm believer in Chad showing us that he is around us in one way or another, Isaas is in the blue shirt and there is a small circle right by his armpit. Chad just couldn't miss being in this picture!!! I also did ask Chad to show me that he was there today and He did!!!!!!

Well I need to go rest, it has been a busy week!!!! WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL everyone who is going back to school!!!

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