Monday, August 25, 2008

Traveling around the state

This weekend was a busy one for us!!! Friday was my 23rd birthday so I had supper with my Dad and then off to the farm for another supper!!! Nothing too exciting. I went home that night and stayed home and that was it for my birthday! Saturday morning my mom packed the boys up and headed up to St. Cloud. One of Chad's sisters lives up there so we made a stop at her house so they could see Lane. A few hours passed and then we were on to Jamie and Jodi's house for a Pelzel family reunion. It was a nice but chilly day so we didn't make it in the pool, althought Layton wanted to jump right in but his mom just wouldn't let him because getting out of the pool would have been a little TOO cold for me!!! We enjoyed the day but I was ready to get the boys home!! So we headed home, Layton was sleeping before we even got out of the drive way and about a mile down the road we were already stopped becaues Lane was screaming. After a burp we were back on the road, that is until Kimball when we had to stop again because Lane had to burp just one more time! Wow, that was A LONG Van ride!!! Sunday, I went and bought myself a new bow!!! Well it's a used bow but it's only been used a couple of times. I am so excited to get back out in the woods and harvest myself a whitetail!! There is nothing more peaceful than squirels hissing at you because you are in their tree!!!! No, it's just peaceful to be out in the woods and watch nature at it's finest!! After I got back from buying my bow, Katie, the bows, and I headed out to Wingen's cabin for the rest of the day. The boys had a blast and katie and I enjoyed a game of bean bags! around 7:30 we headed home, it wasn't the most enjoyable drive home since Layton decided he wanted to cry/scream THE ENTIRE way home!!! So... that sums up our weekend. Only one more weekend left until school starts. I'm ready to go back to work but I'm going to enjoy a few more weeks at home with the boys!!! Until next time...

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