Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Layton's First Year of Swimming Lessons!

I signed Layton up for swimming lessons this year because I thought he should start getting used to the water and also being in the water with someone other than me!! The first week went great!! Hardly any crying, the second week there was lots of crying, but Layton was going through a lot that week with me being gone and also welcoming a new baby into the family! Then he had 2 days this week and it went great!!! Today was the last day so Hannah his teacher took him down the slide, and to my surprise he never cried!!!! I though forsure he would crap his pants and that would be the way we ended swimming lessons!! Then after the slide the kids got to "Walk on Water", Layton didn't really know what he was suppose to do on the mats so he crawled around a little bit, Layed down for a while and then wanted to get on and off. He of course didn't pass swimming lessons and might not next year either but oh well. I'm just glad it was successful for the most part!!!

Layton has been doing pretty good with his little brother. He likes to give him hugs and kisses but hasn't learned how to touch gently yet.. He says "NAAice" but then hits him! He will get it soon!!! That all for now folks!!

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