Monday, August 11, 2008

Busy Weekend

This weekend was busy but fun! Saturday Lane was up a lot and I also had Layton in the same room so whenever Lane would cry Layton would cry too. Lets just say I was lacking sleep by 7 in the morning. Katie came to the rescue and got Layton after the fitness walk so I could catch a quick nap before the big day in Gaylord. I finally got out the door with Lane and was off to Gaylord for the parade. It was a good parade.. LONG.. but good. Layton sat through the whole thing! He loves trucks and animals so going to a parade is just up his alley. After the parade, Layton, Brayden, Katie, and I headed to the park to see what kinds of things we could do with the boys. When she got in the car she said she forgot her camera but I told her I had mine so I would just take some pictures for her. Well..when we got to our first activity and I went to get my camera, IT WASN'T There.. I had left it in the other diaper bag for Lane at my Aunt Connie's house. Good thing Dawn was in the park because she let us use her camera to capture the fun. So whenever she sends me those pictures I will post them (No Hurry Dawn!:)) The Boys rode on a train for lil kids, took a picture with a buffalo, and rode the horse and wagon. By this time we were all dripping wet and the boys were starting to get really crabby so we headed home for the day! I just love getting to spend the day doing things that make my boys smile. I am looking forward to many many years of laughs and giggles and excitement. That's what makes being a mommy so much fun!!!!

Sunday was busy too. Just ask me what I did! Ok.. I'll just tell you..I did nothing all day but watch the boys (Brayden and Katie were over). And let me tell you.. that will make you tired!!! Katie went shopping so Myranda came over to help with Brayden. Layton and "B", as we call him, are starting to fight now. We had two big fights.. One over a blanket. and the other was a food fight. The boys both have the same blanket but different colors. B's is yellow and Layton's is blue. Well they weren't happy with their own blankets and want the other 's blanket but then that boy would want his blanket back and it just went back and forth. Finally they got sick of it and quit fighting! Thank Goodness!! Then at lunch I set him right across from each other in the high cars. Well Layton was done eating and decided to throw his food on the floor, well B caught on to this and he started throwing food and Layton and then Layton would throw food back! Good thing I wasn't feeding them pudding or something messy!! Layton also got into the closet where the diapers are and had his own fun, B woke up with some CRAZY hair (Check out the pics!!!), B decided to empty the bag of goldfish for us, Myranda sucked up a bib in the vacuum, and we also had dump truck rides! Exciting day huh??? I was pooped by the end of the day and I think Myranda was too. Layton's balloon from the parade

Lane Michael

Layton cleaning out the closet

B's wild hair


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