Monday, June 30, 2008

A special weekend

I had a somewhat eventful weekend. Saturday My mom, Layton, Abby, Steve, Brenda, and I went out to Swedefest to enjoy the food and fun. Well The one day it rains in June has to be the day of Swedefest!!! The Wingens were there so we got to spend a little time with them before heading out in the rain to stand in line for supper. I just have to say a BIG thank you to my mom, Brenda, and Abby for helping me with Layton. It was wet and muddy and Layton had to be held the whole time we stood in line.. I bet we stood there for over a 1/2 hour. By the time we got to the food Layton was REALLY restless. We sat down to eat, and as I was taking the backpack off my back It swung hit my tray of food and threw it on the floor. Thank Goodness only a bun and chicken wing fell on the floor. It didn't really matter since Layton wasn't going to sit there while the rest of us ate. So I said, bring me my food in a to-go box and I'll eat it later. I picked up the wild child and headed for the church! I never did get to finish my food because I forgot about it in the car and well we all know what happens to food when it is left in a hot car. oops! Layton slept good that night!!

Sunday was my baby shower/get together for baby Wingen. It was very nice and relaxing! Chad's family joined us along with some of his friends and my friends and family. I got a lot of diapers (which will come in VERY handy and a lot of soaps!!) Some very creative and thoughtful gifts also!!! I want to thank my sister for planning and giving me this shower, she did a wonderful job with it, Myranda for helping Katie buy supplies and helping her set up, Brenda for bringing out the lawn games that no one played, but I still think it was a good idea, My Mom and Dad for Chasing Layton around and giving me time to chat with Friends and family, My Aunt Ruth for helping Katie with all the food, and especially my Grandma Bauer who was sick with the flu but still let us use the farm for this special day. Oh and I better thank Grandpa Bauer too because he did a lot of the cleaning and setting up!! And if I forgot someone and you did something important, THANK YOU!!!! It really means a lot to me that I have support whereever I need it. It's going to be tough but I know with Chad's parents just 5 minutes away and all my family here that we can do it!! And we will keep Chad a part of this babies life too!!! I added just a few pictures from the shower. The one of the 2 pregnant women is of Stacie (Chad's sister and I would say Best Friend) and I.. we are due 4 days apart, isn't it amazing!!!

Katie and I

34 weeks Pregnant

The Diaper Cake Astyn made for me
Just another pictures of the diaper Cake

Only 5 more weeks togo until Baby Wingen is here and I can't wait!!! I haven't been feeling the greatest so maybe he will come early.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Shower

Just a reminder about the baby shower on Sunday June 29th at 2 pm out at my Grandparents farm just east and north on County Rd. 4. First drive way on the right!!! Hope to see you then!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Moving On

I was on myspace tonight looking at some pictures when I came across some of Chad's friends out having a good time. I was sitting there flippin through the pictures and in almost everyone I could see Chad in the background and I could even picture myself in the background. I can't speak for them but it looks like they all have moved on and returned to their "normal" lives. I sat here wondering when I will be able to move on, when I will be able to go to bed at night and not think about Chad before I close my eyes, when I will stop picturing the site of the accident every time I close my eyes, or how I am going to go through all of this on the day our baby boy is born! Everyday is a struggle for me, and I can't imagine what his family is going through! Yeah I may hide it, it might not be in my eyes or voice anymore but about 99% of my day I think about Chad and the "what if's" Here are his friends out there having the time of their lives and I know they think about him all the time but I feel like I can't even move! I feel like my feet are stuck in gooey mud and I can't get out! To be honest, I would love to go out and enjoy myself but in a way I don't ever want to leave Layton, I want to be with him all the time so never miss a moment. In 6 short weeks I am going to welcome a new baby boy in my life and into the Wingens life without his father! Of course he will be there with us in spirit but he won't ever be with us physically.

I often ask myself, when will I be able to move on? Or is moving on even the right words to say. I highly doubt I will ever move on, but I can try living a "normal" life. Another thing that ran through my head when I seen the pictures was, will they forget about us, about Chad's family, about our baby boy, about what Chad would be doing in the Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Will they bring up little things about Chad or memories like I do? I'm sure most of you have heard me say things about Chad or what he might have done or what he did together, sometimes I don't even know I am saying it but I want everything to stay fresh in my memory so I never forget! I hope they continue to remember Chad the way I do every night before I close my eyes, I hope they remember he has a one and only son out there and to never forget their friend!!! It was hard to see them having fun but I know they can't grieve forever, they have to move on, and someday hopefully I can too, in a way.

6 more weeks and the feelings of March 28th get to come flooding back but along with the tears I know their will be tons of smiles because Chad gets to live on!!! Saturday June 28th I get to spend some time with his sisters and family, and I just love that time!!! Good night and this feelings had to come out sometime and somewhere and thank goodness for this blog!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A new look for Mom!

A mom hair cut is what I got!! And I love it!!!! It's short and easy to take care of!! I came home and I showed Katie and the first thing she said is "Omg, you look just like Dawn and Kristy Bauer put together, but mostly Dawn!!!" I hope it looks this good after I wash it because I can never get it to look like this again!! So enjoy the pictures because you probably won't see it like this again!!!!
I thought I would post a picture of my belly as well. I am 33 weeks here..
OMGosh, I didn't think I was THAT big!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Summer Fun!!!

We have been taking advantage of the nice weather!! Today Katie and I went to Flandrau with the boys!! It was a very good day for it, besides the water being a tad bit chilly!! Brayden liked the water, Layton not so much. He didn't mind it but I don't think cold water is much fun for him at this age. Layton spent most of his time walking around in the sand and grass. The daycare was there so Tammy, one of the daycare ladies, put Layton down for a nap because heaven forbid he take a nap for me!! He slept for about an hour on his towel under and umbrella. I of course got a little to much sun, I am working on a pretty good tan now!!!!:) I couldn't stand to be white any longer! We also had a picnic on the grass! It was a very fun day!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Fun

Nothing is really new with us. We have been enjoying the summer so far. Thank goodness we have had a few nice days!! A few of the pictures are from Father's Day and a few are from just playing outside on a beautiful day!!! We have a busy rest of the month. This coming weekend we have some family coming home which is always nice!! Then the weekend after I guess my sister is hosting a baby shower for me, come and join the fun at the Bauer Farm on Sunday June 29th at 2 pm! It is kind of a get together for Chad's family and friends and my family and friends!! It's going to be a special day!!! Enjoy the pictures!

Brayden giving Layton a ride!

Layton ready to go swimming!

From pool to sand box, then back to pool!!

B had a blast going down the slide

I bet he did this a hundred times

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First storm as a Mommy!

I just survived my first basement experience as a Mommy. My nerves are still acting up as I try to calm down!!! The direct TV went out so i was sitting on the computer talking to my cousin about the weather. She is informing me that there are funnel clouds all around us and that there was a tornado spotted on the ground just south of Winthrop!! I personally just thought it was something minor until I get up to tell my mom and the sirens go off!!! I went directly into Mommy mode and grabbed Layton out of his crib and headed to the basement! I nearly fell down the steps because I tripped on the gate but I caught myself..and Layton.. and made it down safely! Once my mom made it down she discovered water pouring in one of the basement windows, we just put new floor in down there so we had to stop the water before it ruined anything! The sirens kept going off and my cousin kept us updated!! It's so scary once your a mom and your main job is to protect your young!!! I still hate storms with Child or not, but I just wanted to protect Layton!!! Thank goodness it is over.. for tonight anyways, and I can, HOPEFULLY sleep peacefully!!! I hope we don't have to many more of those because I can't handle much stress!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Now that he is one.....

it's 10:30 pm and Layton is still up talking away in his crib. Lately I have been just putting a pj shirt on and letting him sleep with just a diaper and shirt on. Anyways, I just went in to check on the little stinker and I look into the crib and see a bare butt sticking up!!! HERE he took off his diaper and was just gonna sleep naked. Somehow he wiggled out of it with out undoing one of the sides! He now has shorts so to help prevent any more naked butts in the air!!! He thought that was the funniest thing!! I was pretty sure he would fall asleep as soon as he hit the pillow but I guess he had other things he had to do first!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008



Today was Layton's real birthday!! Time sure flies when your having fun! This whole year has been a blast and I couldn't have asked for a better boy to share it with!!!! We have had our ups and downs (well Mommy has) but today we had an awesome reason to celebrate!! I couldn't think of anything fun to do in Winthrop (Gas prices are killing me!) so we just stayed and home and played outside. This morning he woke up at 3:30am! Of course he's his birthday! So I let him sleep with me the rest of the night.. I finally fell asleep around 5am and Layton was up and ready to go by 7:15!!! He got to have blueberry pancakes and fruit loops for breakfast (awesome huh?) and around 9 he was ready for a morning nap (just because he was up for an hour in the middle of the night!!) He slept until 11 then it was time for dinner. I took him to the drive in where he got a corn dog and a strawberry milk shake! He loved it!!! He got to drink it from a big boys cup too!!! Then we went on a short walk and played outside until it was nap time..ha!! Yeah right, the birthday boy isn't going to nap on his big day! I layed him in his crib with baby einstein on because that usually helps him sleep.. NOT TODAY! He was laying in there all quiet, my mom and I both checked on him and we were convinced he was sleeping. I go back in there a little while later and he is sitting up playing!!! I said heck with the nap and he got to come out and play with Allison and Brayden. Grandma Jenny made spaghetti for supper and then it was off to the farm for Layton's first campfire. We made smores and he got his first smore too!!! What a lucky boy!! All in All it was a great day!!! He won't remember any of it but I will and I have pictures to show him!!!!! Well I'm off to bed, I hope to get more sleep tonight! After all he is 1 and he should be sleeping well by now... but i'm not going to hold my breath!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

All partied out!

What a long, fun day!!! We had Layton's 1st birthday party today!! I'm glad everything worked out because I was a little worried when I woke up this morning to thunder!! But the day ended up turning out great, a little warm for me, but otherwise perfect!! I think Layton had a blast too, he was covered in dirt from head to toe, and was sleeping by the time we made it back into town. Of course he is up talking in his crib right now but he will soon fall asleep again..well I hope anyways!!! We had TONS of food! Brats, hot dogs, BBQ's, taco salad, fresh fruit, beans, chips, lemonade, and tons of desserts!! The best part of the whole day was the "smash" cake..(pictures below!), He wasn't so sure about it at first, until...he tasted the frosting!! Then frosting hit the ceiling! Literally! He had a BLAST digging into his first birthday cake! My cousin Myranda carried him to Heather and Travis' house where I had to rinse him off then give him a bath! He had frosting in his hair, ears and nose! He really didn't want to get out of the bath and rejoin his party!! So I left his clothes off and took him back to the party. We did manage to get a tank top on but no pants for the rest of the day! He opened presents.. well until he got a fire truck from the Wingen's and then he would have cared less about the other gifts. I opened them for him while he was playing with his new truck!! Told ya he loves trucks! He was a very dirty and tired boy by the end of the day! He too a short 30 minute nap and then he was up and ready to go..well kinda.. He was crabby for a while but he soon joined his party again!! I'm glad this day is over just because I stress about organizing a party, but it was such a special day for my little man and I am looking forward to many more birthdays!!

Baseball cake Mary Nelson made for Layton!

Smash Cake

check this out..NO HANDS!!!

WOW that is some good cake!

Tunnel from Abby
I'm off to bed!! I can't keep my eyes open.. I hope my little man is sleeping!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Walking, Trucks, and Funny Faces

The title of this blog are all the new things Layton does or enjoys these days!!

The biggest news we have is that Layton is walking!!! I might have mentioned this before in a different blog, but he kinda stopped for a while and decided crawling was a lot faster then trying to walk! But now.. He is walking, he can stand up by himself and he will walk until he falls over. He doesn't walk all over yet, because crawling is still a lot faster, but he is getting much better and more confindent in walking!!! It is so exciting to see since in August there will be a new little guy and I will need Layton to walk!!:) I'm just a proud Mommy!!!

Layton Walking
Trucks: It's so amazing to see how kids catch on to things so fast! I don't know where he learned it (probably daycare or maybe even me and I didn't even notice I was doing it), anyways, he pushes trucks or tractors around and makes the vroom sound with his lips!!! He loves looking out the window too, so when he sees the garbage truck come, he has this head plastered to the the window and watches until the truck is out of site. Any big truck or tractor will occupy him until it is gone!!
Pushing his John Deere

Ok, I have about had it with this blog! Well not the blog but it is acting goofy today and it won't let me do any of the editing that I want to do!! How annoying!

Anyways, Layton has been amused with the mirror lately. I will sneak in on him and watch him making funny faces into the mirror. He gets so serious about it too!!! Then I will jump in on the fun and make a few faces and then he will copy what I do! Love playing with him like that, and it's fun to see them learning new things everyday!!!!!

funny faces

Tomorrow we will celebrate Layton's first birthday out at the farm. I am so excited and I hope we have a good day!! His theme is BASEBALL. Pictures of the party will come on Sunday or Monday (Layton's Birthday June 9th!)

Just a little update on me: I am growing by the minute. I remember why I hated being pregnant. Some people love it and some people hate it. I gotta say the last 3 months I dislike! I had to do a 3 hour glucose test and I believe I passed because no one called to tell me I failed! Always good when the dr doesn't call! The birth is likely to take place on August 1st 2008! It's going to be a bittersweet day!