Friday, January 30, 2009

6 Month Check up!

Today I had Lane's 6 month Check up! It went really well. Nothing to report! Lane had 3 shots today. Of course being a mother I tend a get nervous about shots. Don't know why I still am. Layton did awesome with Shots and Lane is doing the same. Oh one funny moment before I go on..After the dr left and we were waiting for the nurse to come in and give Lane his shots, well Lane lets one rip, and anyone who has been around Lane when this happens knows its God Awful!!! So I'm in there trying real hard to wave the smell around so the nurse doesn't think I was the one stinkin up the room!! Good thing they took FOREVER to come in. Now onto the shots. I'm so proud of my Laner! She gives him the first needle poke and he looks up at her and smiles.. she does the second and he is still smiling!! Then the 3rd.. now he lets out a lil whimper but then goes back to a big ol smile!! I have to credit that to the Uecker thighs nice and plump!!:)

Layton's 6 month Check up results:
Length: 27 Inches
Weight: 20lbs 2 oz

Lane's 6 Month Check up:
Length: 27 1/2 inches
weight: 18 lbs 13 oz

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Old Woman..Apparently!

For those of you who didn't hear me whine, I want to inform you the old sports injury has hit me once again. No it's not the knee its my stomach muscle. well one of the many.. I was playing volleyball Sunday night, well actually it happened the first time I touched the ball to do a warm up serve..yup I served and felt a tear and major pain to follow! I played all 3 games in sevre pain trying not to show any of it to my teammates. I think they all thought I was sore but really I was hurting bad. Right away I start worrying about it and I get the idea in my head that I maybe tore my Uterus where they did my c-sections. I talked to several ppl about this and they all thought I better go get it checked out. about 930 pm I head to Hutch to the ER and was in and out and on my way home with some pain meds. It's getting better everyday but sleeping at night is the worse. Thats why I'm writing this blog so late tonight. (I really don't wanna go to sleep because it's so painful!) So there it is..the "OLD WOMAN" getting hurt...

Best Brothers

My sweetheart!

Cute cousins

Best Friends

The cute lil Lambs Layton was scared of!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy Busy weekend!

The boys and I had a busy weekend. It's always nice to get out and about. Saturday Afternoon Layton and I headed to Mankato to watch Lindsey play basketball. She scored her 1000th point!! It was a lot of fun. Most of our family was there to watch! and Layton even made an appearance on the court. After Lindseys game we headed out in the lobby for some pictures.. Well we had plenty of ppl standing around so I thought we could quickly take a picture and thats when Layton made a run for it. He ran right in the gym and onto the floor.. Thank you to whoever snagged him!!!!! It was time for me to get out of there so Layton and I packed up and left and thats when he seen "A BUS". I tried to get past the bus without tears but that didn't happen so I took layton over to the bus to say BYE, when the driver saw layton he asked if he would like to see the bus. Layton was so excited.. The girls on the bus thought it was pretty funny. The driver then let him sit in the drivers seat! Layton was so excited he didn't want to get off! I told him the bus was going home. A lil resistance and then he was fine saying bye to the bus. (Pictures below).
Sunday Lane and I headed to church then came home for naps. I didn't take a nap just the boys. I cleaned up the house a little bit and then headed out to my grandmas to see the new baby sheep. (Pictures will be coming soon). Layton was so scared of them at first. Don't ask me why, they lambs are so CUTE!!! He soon warmed up to the lil things and was even yelling at a ewe in labor. It was cute. Nothing like a lil encouragement from a toddler. I also got some cute pictures of Lane with Chad's favorite shirt!! I just love the way the pictures turned out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Update just for you Abby

Lane is gonna help me type this one! Lets see, whats new with us? Sorry if there are a few typos, Lane is sitting right next to me trying to eat my computer and wanted to type like his mommy!! Oh boy, this could be tough:) Hes an inspiration so maybe I can come up with something good.. ha! Well Layton is hitting the terrible 2's. He's not really that terrible but it's enough to drive me crazy for a few minutes until I can get him calmed down! They say you have to pick your battles. The first picture is just that. He wanted to go outside with NO CLOTHES on, He was going to go "Bye-Bye" with Auntie. He insisted on putting his coat on and waited by the door. So I just put the coat on and locked the door and well.. there he sat until he got sick of waiting!
Good Thing I locked the door.. The lil stinker would be in the car with Auntie!
Oh I should mention Layton SAT through a basketball game last night! Don't ask me how I did it but he was amazing! He cheered and clapped and even yelled "REBOUND!" He really enjoyed the halftime show, the dancers! He showed me how he could High Kick just like them and was asking for "more"..(More dancing that is!) Then I asked him where Kyle was.. we were directly across from Kyle (Abby's Boyfriend Kyle) and he said "Calliou, There He is" And repeated it several times! He also had a whole bag of M&M's and a whole Bottle of Dr. Pepper. I know, I'm such a good mom. When he needed a breather from the pop drinking I would try and manage to chug as much as I could so the kid wouldn't have anymore pop and it would be "All Gone". If you think he stayed up late cause of all that sugar you would be wrong. He went to bed just fine!!

Oh this picture is another story. Layton was helping me clean out all the old food in the cubboards. and I was busy packing the old food into bags and I hear Layton counting candy bars.. 2,3,2,3,2, (at least he has some numbers right!) then I hear NACK (snack) and as i'm turning around he was ripping open the wrapper and scraffing down the candy bad.. Oh my, I'm gonna have one high denist bill on this child! He took maybe 4 bites and was down with it! Thank God!

Layton is taking up bullriding also!

And I won't forget about lil Laner. He is such a joy to have in my life and everyones life! All he does is Smile, and Poop.. haha:) No he is starting all kinds of new things! Like Blogging, (just kidding) I can already tell he is going to be a lot like his mom. No i'm kidding, He is taking after his dad. I won't mention in what ways, Chad might be embarrassed!
For example.. this next picture. I did not pose him this way, he just fell asleep like that and I thought his dad would find that to be very funny so I took a picture.

And for me, I get to play some volleyball again!! So pumped! They have open Gym in Gibbon on Mondays and I will sub on Sunday nights when they need me.. Like This Sunday!! Well that's it for now, I have one more day left of work and then Friday we have a staff day so I only have to be there until 11!! So looking forward to a nap that afternoon!!!! Well Abby I hope you enjoyed this blog, and I hope there are enough pictures for you. You Should really plan on blogging about your college experiences!!! Like what text books are your favorite, what kind of winter gear you have when your walking across campus freezing your butt off, or which prof you can't understand because he/she talks in a different language!! ha!! Good Night everyone!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm BACK!!

Yesterday was an awesome day!! Why you might ask? I was back on the volleyball court and boy did it feel good at the time.. today is a different story! Every muscle in my body hurts!! I haven't felt like this since high school volleyball conditioning! Nothing has changed since high school!! It just felt so good to get out there and play volleyball ALL DAY!!!!! Today I am going to be going out to Grandmas for supper (No she isn't doing the cooking!) Nothing too exciting..just hanging out with my Laner!! I'm going to go put heatbags on my body now!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a lil about the kids!

Oh my little Layton!! The kid is going to be charmer some day! Last night I was trying to get Layton's Pjs on, well of course he wants to be naked..what kid doesn't? So I get celver.. maybe I'll put the Pajamas on my head and then he will know thats not where they go and then he will want to put them on.. easy enough? So I put the shirt on my head and was waiting for him to rip it off and want to put it on the right way.. no wrong again, he decides he wants Pjs on his head too.. After a short photo session was I going to get down to business. I take the pants off his head and about 1 second later he is screaming because he wants them back on his head.. My mom said "Just let him wear them on his head!" so.. he continued to wear them on his head until he was finally ready to put them on the right way!! It was fun, and I actually forgot to take the shirt off my head.. oops

Today we were stuck inside as my kids experienced the coldest day in 10 years. No they didn't go outside!! I didn't even go outside.. When I seen frost on the inside of our door I decided there was no way I was going outside! I think Layton needs to get outside soon though, the lil stinker was not on his best behavior today. Can I blame him? NO!! Being stuck inside with mom for the last week probably wasn't on his TO DO list! We did manage to have a little fun though. We played hide-n-seek for about 45 mintues today. He had so much fun, he was always the seeker and I was always the hider. He didn't understand the hiding part. After the fun and games it was nap time for everyone. I woke up feeling a little achy and with a major headache!! we will see what tomorrow brings!

A little about Lane:
ROLLIE POLLIE OLLIE is his new nickname. He just keeps on rolling!! He is also a little couch potato. I have no decided NO MORE TV.. He loves the baby einstien movies but it's getting to be too much so now the TV will be limited. I'm a little worried about this one. He is also almost sitting up on his own. He tips over once and a while but he is a pretty good sitter!

Well that's it for now, i'm going to try and get some rest and then head to the Chiropractor in the morning since we are two hours late again!!!!!

the picture has changed

I finally seen something on Oprah that I can relate to. The topic was spirituality. After Chad's death I had a new sense of spirit. You look at life in a whole new way after something like that happens to you! So anyways, Oprah had a family on there who lost a son, he was a twin brother and had a younger sister also. They talked about how they had pictured their life, as a family, to be. And right then I understood what they were talking about. Even though Chad and I had our fall out (which I know could have been solved after taking control of my stubborn side)We had plans. He had told me that once our son was born we would get married, get a house, and we would be staying around this area. We had a picture painted of what life WAS gonna look like. But on that March 28th morning my picture changed forever, it's not going to be the picture we had painted together, it was going to be by far different. But now I have to paint a new picture in my mind, a picture that has fun and exciting things for my kids and I. Boy, let me tell you, somedays are HARD. So hard that I don't want to leave the house. I can't even begin to explain the pain the heartache you feel, but one thing I do know is that I am very thankful I have my kids. I don't know what kind of road I would take if they weren't here!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Interesting Day

Is it Friday the 13th? No it's not but it feels like it! The morning started with a pooping problem, not by me, lol, but Layton. He kept telling me he had to poop so I knew right away what the problem was, I start a warm soapy bath and I let him soak while I got ready for work. Pretty soon I head, Maoom Poop Maoom Poop Blanket. He wanted his blanket in the bath with him while he did his job. I let the poor kid have the blanket in the bath just so he had some comfort during the whole pooping process. He managed to get it all out and a little scooping by mom and things were under control. Layton felt a whole lot better after he took care of business!

Work was a typical Friday!!! That's all I'm gonna say about that.. Then I come home and Mom cleaned the fish tank out because all the fish were dying. So, in a bowl on the counter were 2 algae eaters, 1 dead fish and 1 alive fish. Good they are up on the counter out of the way of toddlers. NOT..Layton wanted to "cook" so he pulls a chair up to the counter and I, being the smart mom I am, move the fish bowl. Nah, that's no fun. So I move the bowl back so Layton can see the fish, I let him a explore a little and now Brenda has a new friend at her house (Layton is staying there tonight) a dead fish in a baggy!! Lucky Her!!! I'll post videos once they upload

Thursday, January 8, 2009


As many of you know I have the pleasure of working with the Mcleod West students who go to GFW. I get to experience their sadness in their school closing, I also see the way some of the GFW kids treat THEM, the newcomers. Tonight in girls basketball it was GFW vs. MW. I was excited. I thought this would be good, two teams from one school. But what I seen was a whole lot of disrespect from US (GFW). I guess I should have started this off by a conversation I had at the Dairy Queen with one of my relatives, Cindy Schuette. I told her I was excited to watch the game tonight and I also mentioned to her how much I enjoy working with the MW Students. Then she said it's hard for her to imagine her daughter (who will be a senior and is a pretty good ball player) running out onto the court next year in a different uniform, and as she is saying this she has tears running down her face!! She said anytime she talks about the consalidation she gets teary eyed. She mentioned the MW kids have had some pretty horrible things said to them from the GFW kids. That hurts! If GFW didn't have a school and had to go to MW how would they feel if they were treated that way! Probably not good. It's not the MW kids fault they have to come to GFW, but I also understand High School students, heck, I was one not that long ago. I just thought we would have had a little more respect. And then, the game! If a MW girl was on the floor no one would help her up, even if a GFW girl was right there!!! My God, I couldn't watch anymore, I was so upset! YOU ALL GO TO THE SAME SCHOOL FOR GOD'S SAKE. Fans were being disrespectful and if you were an outsider looking in you would never know these kids walk the same halls ways everyday! They have the same teachers, the same cooks, the same lockers, and yet on a basketball court we don't even have enough sportmanship to help the opponent up! Lots of pushing and shoving, reaching and slapping. To me it kinda looked like dirty ball! Anyways, I hope in the months to come things get better between the two schools. I hope the second half of ball was better but Layton was ready to go and honestly I couldn't take much more. I could be wrong but thats just what I seen.

On to happier things Lane is a rolling machine!! He would roll over about a month ago but now he rolls and rolls and it's just fun to watch him grow up!! I can't believe he is 5 1/2 months old already! where does time go!

Layton learned how to use the vacuum yesterday. I was busy feeding Lane and Layton wanted a Nack (short for snack) so I gave him a bag of cheerios, there was just a little bit left. Instead of eating them out of the bag he decided he wanted to eat them off the floor. I asked him to pick them up, he picked up a few then left the rest for me. WRONG! He got to learn how to use the vacuum! He did a pretty good job, missed a few but had fun doing it. He must of had so much fun vacuuming he decided to dump out another bag of cereal, this time it was more than half a bag, I was busy making supper and I pulled a chair up to the counter for Layton so he could help me well I was talking to someone and he opened the box of lucky charms and dumped it all out. So guess what? He got to use the vacuum again!!! Oh well, it was fun and he enjoyed eating the marshmallows without having to dig for them!:) Every kids dream right?

Well i'm off to bed, another snow storm is moving in so I'm REALLY hoping for a SNOW DAY!!! That would be a great way to end the first week back from Winter Break!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sometimes life throws you curve balls

back to my previous post.. so at that moment I was ready to move on in life. Now in this moment. I'm not. Maybe it's the time of year, not real sure but I miss Chad M. Wingen so much. I don't know how I will be able to meet anyone when I miss someone so much. I look at Lane and I fall in love with Chad all over. Every single day, every single moment. I wish he was here but I know he never will be with my physically again. I just don't know how to deal with it somedays. Some people are probably saying "ENOUGH TRICIA.. Time to move on" No, until you go through the things I have this past year then you can say that. What i'm trying to say is Chad will give me a sign when he knows I'm ready to move on, I don't even like calling it "moving on". I honestly don't think I will ever move on. I'm not going to mess with my emotions. It just makes thing more difficult. I love Chad's family and I love my boys. Time will tell!!

Another curve ball was thrown my way today. I won't be going to Vegas anymore. There was a death in the Pelzel's family (Jessica, Jill, Jamie and Erin's Grandma on their moms side). So we cancelled the trip and I'm getting my money back to go somewhere else. I totally understand the situation. Yes I was all prepared and packed but it can be undone. I plan on using my money to go to Fl with Mom and Jerry to watch the Twins during Training camp!! Lets hope those plans go through!:) THINKING ABOUT YOU PELZEL CHILDREN!!!!!!

I was going to write about something else too, but being a mom of 2 my memory goes pretty fast!! Darn it.. Oh well.. I have a lot of things I have been trying to deal with these days.

when I remember what I was going to write I will come back:)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Random Ramblings

Here I go again..

Ultimitly what life comes down to are the things that make you happy and the type of person you became. After this weekend, I came to the understanding that I could totally make myself miserable and let the people around me make me miserable or I can let it go and do what makes me happy. Although I truely believe the statement "what goes around comes around", I will wait until that happens. Why should I waste my life worry about what is said to me, maybe I should focus on the little lives I have right in front of me. (which is usually my main focus). My new years resolution is to set goals. That will give me something to go after and a purpose to everything I do!

I don't know why but I had all this stuff in my head that I wanted to write down but when it comes time to type it all out, it just doesn't come like I want it too. So now i'm stuck..and honestly, I feel kinda stuck in life right now too. I have two boys, I want to raise them under MY roof, I want them to each have a father figure in their life, and I wouldn't mind having someone in my life too. Not going to push for that but there gets to be a point in your life when you finally feel "ready", I kinda feel that way, I also have had the feeling to pack up and move somewhere new, and start a life. But really I know I wouldn't be able to do that. Job security is a big reason, second I really don't have the money to do that and third, my family is all here!! We will see where 2009 brings me!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


I just want to start off by wishing everyone who reads this a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I'm very thankful for all 2008 brought to me but I am ready to start 2009. 2008 was a tough year for me, but many people have told me that everything I have gone through only made me stronger. Maybe I will start feeling that strength in 2009.

This week went so fast, I'm not really prepared to go back to work on Monday but I will only be there for 3 days then I am off to Vegas for a 4 day vacation. Now, am I ready to leave the boys? NO.. Do I majorly need a vacation? YES! I'm sure my nerves will be all out of wack.. no wait.. they already are. Some tenative plans include, visiting Hoover Dam, 2009 Electronics Show (Like the shows on TV that so all the new gadgets!!), David Cooperfield Show, and of course all the tourist attractions. I'm very excited! I love traveling and someday I can't wait to do that with my boys!!!

Well it's another weekend with out Layton, I feel some sort of sickness coming on, I think I have an ear infection and maybe the flu, as much as I'm going to miss him 2 weekends in a row, plus next weekend and the weekend after, I think this weekend will be a good time for me to rest! 4 weekends without my big boy is going to be tough on me:( I'll let ya know how Vegas goes.. Now that I don't have Layton this weekend I'm kinda wishing I was there at a different time so I could spend more time with him but it's already booked and paid for!!! If I only knew it was going to be this way!! Well I'm going to bed, I need sleep!!