Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy Busy weekend!

The boys and I had a busy weekend. It's always nice to get out and about. Saturday Afternoon Layton and I headed to Mankato to watch Lindsey play basketball. She scored her 1000th point!! It was a lot of fun. Most of our family was there to watch! and Layton even made an appearance on the court. After Lindseys game we headed out in the lobby for some pictures.. Well we had plenty of ppl standing around so I thought we could quickly take a picture and thats when Layton made a run for it. He ran right in the gym and onto the floor.. Thank you to whoever snagged him!!!!! It was time for me to get out of there so Layton and I packed up and left and thats when he seen "A BUS". I tried to get past the bus without tears but that didn't happen so I took layton over to the bus to say BYE, when the driver saw layton he asked if he would like to see the bus. Layton was so excited.. The girls on the bus thought it was pretty funny. The driver then let him sit in the drivers seat! Layton was so excited he didn't want to get off! I told him the bus was going home. A lil resistance and then he was fine saying bye to the bus. (Pictures below).
Sunday Lane and I headed to church then came home for naps. I didn't take a nap just the boys. I cleaned up the house a little bit and then headed out to my grandmas to see the new baby sheep. (Pictures will be coming soon). Layton was so scared of them at first. Don't ask me why, they lambs are so CUTE!!! He soon warmed up to the lil things and was even yelling at a ewe in labor. It was cute. Nothing like a lil encouragement from a toddler. I also got some cute pictures of Lane with Chad's favorite shirt!! I just love the way the pictures turned out.

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