Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a lil about the kids!

Oh my little Layton!! The kid is going to be charmer some day! Last night I was trying to get Layton's Pjs on, well of course he wants to be naked..what kid doesn't? So I get celver.. maybe I'll put the Pajamas on my head and then he will know thats not where they go and then he will want to put them on.. easy enough? So I put the shirt on my head and was waiting for him to rip it off and want to put it on the right way.. no wrong again, he decides he wants Pjs on his head too.. After a short photo session was I going to get down to business. I take the pants off his head and about 1 second later he is screaming because he wants them back on his head.. My mom said "Just let him wear them on his head!" so.. he continued to wear them on his head until he was finally ready to put them on the right way!! It was fun, and I actually forgot to take the shirt off my head.. oops

Today we were stuck inside as my kids experienced the coldest day in 10 years. No they didn't go outside!! I didn't even go outside.. When I seen frost on the inside of our door I decided there was no way I was going outside! I think Layton needs to get outside soon though, the lil stinker was not on his best behavior today. Can I blame him? NO!! Being stuck inside with mom for the last week probably wasn't on his TO DO list! We did manage to have a little fun though. We played hide-n-seek for about 45 mintues today. He had so much fun, he was always the seeker and I was always the hider. He didn't understand the hiding part. After the fun and games it was nap time for everyone. I woke up feeling a little achy and with a major headache!! we will see what tomorrow brings!

A little about Lane:
ROLLIE POLLIE OLLIE is his new nickname. He just keeps on rolling!! He is also a little couch potato. I have no decided NO MORE TV.. He loves the baby einstien movies but it's getting to be too much so now the TV will be limited. I'm a little worried about this one. He is also almost sitting up on his own. He tips over once and a while but he is a pretty good sitter!

Well that's it for now, i'm going to try and get some rest and then head to the Chiropractor in the morning since we are two hours late again!!!!!

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