Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Update just for you Abby

Lane is gonna help me type this one! Lets see, whats new with us? Sorry if there are a few typos, Lane is sitting right next to me trying to eat my computer and wanted to type like his mommy!! Oh boy, this could be tough:) Hes an inspiration so maybe I can come up with something good.. ha! Well Layton is hitting the terrible 2's. He's not really that terrible but it's enough to drive me crazy for a few minutes until I can get him calmed down! They say you have to pick your battles. The first picture is just that. He wanted to go outside with NO CLOTHES on, He was going to go "Bye-Bye" with Auntie. He insisted on putting his coat on and waited by the door. So I just put the coat on and locked the door and well.. there he sat until he got sick of waiting!
Good Thing I locked the door.. The lil stinker would be in the car with Auntie!
Oh I should mention Layton SAT through a basketball game last night! Don't ask me how I did it but he was amazing! He cheered and clapped and even yelled "REBOUND!" He really enjoyed the halftime show, the dancers! He showed me how he could High Kick just like them and was asking for "more"..(More dancing that is!) Then I asked him where Kyle was.. we were directly across from Kyle (Abby's Boyfriend Kyle) and he said "Calliou, There He is" And repeated it several times! He also had a whole bag of M&M's and a whole Bottle of Dr. Pepper. I know, I'm such a good mom. When he needed a breather from the pop drinking I would try and manage to chug as much as I could so the kid wouldn't have anymore pop and it would be "All Gone". If you think he stayed up late cause of all that sugar you would be wrong. He went to bed just fine!!

Oh this picture is another story. Layton was helping me clean out all the old food in the cubboards. and I was busy packing the old food into bags and I hear Layton counting candy bars.. 2,3,2,3,2, (at least he has some numbers right!) then I hear NACK (snack) and as i'm turning around he was ripping open the wrapper and scraffing down the candy bad.. Oh my, I'm gonna have one high denist bill on this child! He took maybe 4 bites and was down with it! Thank God!

Layton is taking up bullriding also!

And I won't forget about lil Laner. He is such a joy to have in my life and everyones life! All he does is Smile, and Poop.. haha:) No he is starting all kinds of new things! Like Blogging, (just kidding) I can already tell he is going to be a lot like his mom. No i'm kidding, He is taking after his dad. I won't mention in what ways, Chad might be embarrassed!
For example.. this next picture. I did not pose him this way, he just fell asleep like that and I thought his dad would find that to be very funny so I took a picture.

And for me, I get to play some volleyball again!! So pumped! They have open Gym in Gibbon on Mondays and I will sub on Sunday nights when they need me.. Like This Sunday!! Well that's it for now, I have one more day left of work and then Friday we have a staff day so I only have to be there until 11!! So looking forward to a nap that afternoon!!!! Well Abby I hope you enjoyed this blog, and I hope there are enough pictures for you. You Should really plan on blogging about your college experiences!!! Like what text books are your favorite, what kind of winter gear you have when your walking across campus freezing your butt off, or which prof you can't understand because he/she talks in a different language!! ha!! Good Night everyone!

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