Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Old Woman..Apparently!

For those of you who didn't hear me whine, I want to inform you the old sports injury has hit me once again. No it's not the knee its my stomach muscle. well one of the many.. I was playing volleyball Sunday night, well actually it happened the first time I touched the ball to do a warm up serve..yup I served and felt a tear and major pain to follow! I played all 3 games in sevre pain trying not to show any of it to my teammates. I think they all thought I was sore but really I was hurting bad. Right away I start worrying about it and I get the idea in my head that I maybe tore my Uterus where they did my c-sections. I talked to several ppl about this and they all thought I better go get it checked out. about 930 pm I head to Hutch to the ER and was in and out and on my way home with some pain meds. It's getting better everyday but sleeping at night is the worse. Thats why I'm writing this blog so late tonight. (I really don't wanna go to sleep because it's so painful!) So there it is..the "OLD WOMAN" getting hurt...

Best Brothers

My sweetheart!

Cute cousins

Best Friends

The cute lil Lambs Layton was scared of!!!!

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