Friday, January 2, 2009


I just want to start off by wishing everyone who reads this a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I'm very thankful for all 2008 brought to me but I am ready to start 2009. 2008 was a tough year for me, but many people have told me that everything I have gone through only made me stronger. Maybe I will start feeling that strength in 2009.

This week went so fast, I'm not really prepared to go back to work on Monday but I will only be there for 3 days then I am off to Vegas for a 4 day vacation. Now, am I ready to leave the boys? NO.. Do I majorly need a vacation? YES! I'm sure my nerves will be all out of wack.. no wait.. they already are. Some tenative plans include, visiting Hoover Dam, 2009 Electronics Show (Like the shows on TV that so all the new gadgets!!), David Cooperfield Show, and of course all the tourist attractions. I'm very excited! I love traveling and someday I can't wait to do that with my boys!!!

Well it's another weekend with out Layton, I feel some sort of sickness coming on, I think I have an ear infection and maybe the flu, as much as I'm going to miss him 2 weekends in a row, plus next weekend and the weekend after, I think this weekend will be a good time for me to rest! 4 weekends without my big boy is going to be tough on me:( I'll let ya know how Vegas goes.. Now that I don't have Layton this weekend I'm kinda wishing I was there at a different time so I could spend more time with him but it's already booked and paid for!!! If I only knew it was going to be this way!! Well I'm going to bed, I need sleep!!

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