Thursday, January 8, 2009


As many of you know I have the pleasure of working with the Mcleod West students who go to GFW. I get to experience their sadness in their school closing, I also see the way some of the GFW kids treat THEM, the newcomers. Tonight in girls basketball it was GFW vs. MW. I was excited. I thought this would be good, two teams from one school. But what I seen was a whole lot of disrespect from US (GFW). I guess I should have started this off by a conversation I had at the Dairy Queen with one of my relatives, Cindy Schuette. I told her I was excited to watch the game tonight and I also mentioned to her how much I enjoy working with the MW Students. Then she said it's hard for her to imagine her daughter (who will be a senior and is a pretty good ball player) running out onto the court next year in a different uniform, and as she is saying this she has tears running down her face!! She said anytime she talks about the consalidation she gets teary eyed. She mentioned the MW kids have had some pretty horrible things said to them from the GFW kids. That hurts! If GFW didn't have a school and had to go to MW how would they feel if they were treated that way! Probably not good. It's not the MW kids fault they have to come to GFW, but I also understand High School students, heck, I was one not that long ago. I just thought we would have had a little more respect. And then, the game! If a MW girl was on the floor no one would help her up, even if a GFW girl was right there!!! My God, I couldn't watch anymore, I was so upset! YOU ALL GO TO THE SAME SCHOOL FOR GOD'S SAKE. Fans were being disrespectful and if you were an outsider looking in you would never know these kids walk the same halls ways everyday! They have the same teachers, the same cooks, the same lockers, and yet on a basketball court we don't even have enough sportmanship to help the opponent up! Lots of pushing and shoving, reaching and slapping. To me it kinda looked like dirty ball! Anyways, I hope in the months to come things get better between the two schools. I hope the second half of ball was better but Layton was ready to go and honestly I couldn't take much more. I could be wrong but thats just what I seen.

On to happier things Lane is a rolling machine!! He would roll over about a month ago but now he rolls and rolls and it's just fun to watch him grow up!! I can't believe he is 5 1/2 months old already! where does time go!

Layton learned how to use the vacuum yesterday. I was busy feeding Lane and Layton wanted a Nack (short for snack) so I gave him a bag of cheerios, there was just a little bit left. Instead of eating them out of the bag he decided he wanted to eat them off the floor. I asked him to pick them up, he picked up a few then left the rest for me. WRONG! He got to learn how to use the vacuum! He did a pretty good job, missed a few but had fun doing it. He must of had so much fun vacuuming he decided to dump out another bag of cereal, this time it was more than half a bag, I was busy making supper and I pulled a chair up to the counter for Layton so he could help me well I was talking to someone and he opened the box of lucky charms and dumped it all out. So guess what? He got to use the vacuum again!!! Oh well, it was fun and he enjoyed eating the marshmallows without having to dig for them!:) Every kids dream right?

Well i'm off to bed, another snow storm is moving in so I'm REALLY hoping for a SNOW DAY!!! That would be a great way to end the first week back from Winter Break!

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