Friday, January 9, 2009

Interesting Day

Is it Friday the 13th? No it's not but it feels like it! The morning started with a pooping problem, not by me, lol, but Layton. He kept telling me he had to poop so I knew right away what the problem was, I start a warm soapy bath and I let him soak while I got ready for work. Pretty soon I head, Maoom Poop Maoom Poop Blanket. He wanted his blanket in the bath with him while he did his job. I let the poor kid have the blanket in the bath just so he had some comfort during the whole pooping process. He managed to get it all out and a little scooping by mom and things were under control. Layton felt a whole lot better after he took care of business!

Work was a typical Friday!!! That's all I'm gonna say about that.. Then I come home and Mom cleaned the fish tank out because all the fish were dying. So, in a bowl on the counter were 2 algae eaters, 1 dead fish and 1 alive fish. Good they are up on the counter out of the way of toddlers. NOT..Layton wanted to "cook" so he pulls a chair up to the counter and I, being the smart mom I am, move the fish bowl. Nah, that's no fun. So I move the bowl back so Layton can see the fish, I let him a explore a little and now Brenda has a new friend at her house (Layton is staying there tonight) a dead fish in a baggy!! Lucky Her!!! I'll post videos once they upload

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