Monday, December 29, 2008

and I kept Busy..

This weekend was Layton's first weekend staying over night at his fathers. With that being said I had to keep VERY busy this weekend to take my mind off the whole situation. Although Layton never once left my mind. Saturday I sent Layton off with lots of Love. Mom and I cleaned a little, well she cleaned a lot! Wingens wanted Lane for he spent the day with his Aunts Uncles and cousins. It was a nice break for me! Mom was gonna come to a movie with Katie and I but decided she wanted to finish her cleaning. So Katie and I headed to Hutch to see Marley and Me, we met Ruth, Megan, Steph and Dan there. It was a good flick, perfect for any age! I got a nice Christmas present at the theatre too, Dan had my name in the Bauer Christmas exchange, someone suggested I open it there, so I rip off the paper and to my surprise I see a cardboard folder wrapped in clear packing tape. There I sit in the theatre trying to open the gift, after a little cutting with a finernail clipper I finally managed to get inside the cardboard.. Sweet! A 4GB Sd card for my camera. That will come in perfect for my trip to Vegas! After the movie Kt and I did a little shopping and headed home, We went out and got Lane visited for a little bit then headed back home. That evening I headed out to Isaac and Sara Hahns to visit with some of Chads friends. It was nice and they all got to see Lane! Mom offered to watch Lane so I could go out on the town, if that's what it is called in rural MN? I went to Tanker with Kt, pretty Dead, was there for maybe a total of 15 minutes. Then we headed to Gaylord to listen to a band. Seen a few friends, decided that's not where I wanted to be so I headed home. It was ok to get out but I would much prefer being at home in bed!!! So I went home and Lane was just ready to eat, good timing!! Sunday Morning Lane and I laid in bed for a while and I got some quality bonding time with him, which was nice. Then I headed to the cities to give someone a ride there which took up most of the day, another good distraction! It was nice to get out of the house. Once we were back I just had to wait an hour for Layton to get home!! and once he got home I heard the best sound of my life!! MOM MOM.. *giggles* Love you! It was the greatest.. Last night was another story. Layton now wakes up with Night Terrors, it happened Friday night and again last night!! Layton finally fell asleep at 4am!!!!!! It was awful!!! I hope we don't have to go through that every other weekend. That was my busy weekend!!! Glad to have my boys home with me!!!

An old high school friend! Eb!!
sister and I

Lane Almost sitting up.. he still kinda tips over!

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