Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas party #1

Today the kids and I ventured out in the bitter cold to go to the Uecker Christmas party. I think it was worth the drive. It's always nice to catch up with the family we don't get to see a lot! Some highlights of the day:
*Uecker Trivia- Scott: you wouldn't have known half those questions if you didn't read the blogs.. ha. Also Layton got the crowd going. Brenda asked a question to this effect "who just masted oh la la" and as she is saying that layton runs into the kitchen and shouts.. OH LALA! no one had to guess the answer anymore. Trivia was also a way to bring back old memories, I learned a few things about my dad that I didn't know.. like he used to hide his beer in the ditch!! So clever! And I want to clarify one of Katies questions, "Who failed their drivers test twice and then had to take the trailblazer bus to work at the school?" First of all I only failed ONCE, and I road the bus to work way before I had my license, I didn't ride it because I failed!!
*Layton ate shrimp and liked it. More like he LOVE IT! I was about ready to barf watching him eat that.. I don't like seafood!!!
*Great food! although I hardly ate anything or maybe I did but just ate so fast I don't remember eating. But I do remember whatever I ate tasted pretty good!
*Lane puked on 5 different people. First Traci got it, then Scott, Linds, Julie,and of course myself!! Anyone who held him got puked on. Now Scott you can't feel bad cause Linds got it worse than you and Lane also rubbed it deep into her skin.. lol..he must have really liked her!
*Abby thinks I have a GFW lettermans coat..haha... sorry Ab I had to put it in there.
*And everyone I think had a good time!!!

Tomorrow school is two hours late!! YIPPEE!!!! I will actually get to sleep in!! Stay Warm everyone!
Layton and Brenda eating shrimp (check out the black eye)
Grandma's beer bread

Opening another present

more shrimp!!!

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