Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can 2008 End?

Sorry to write about the negative stuff..(I think I should just delete the Christmas letter) but this year needs to end!!! I don't think this county can handle any more deaths, accidents, or anything else! For my it all started with Chad passing away and ever since then things never seemed to get better. Why I am writing that is because Friday evening we lost a teacher from GFW in a house fire! Her husband made it out but she did not. I didn't know Deb very well but whenever I had the chance to talk to her she was always very friendly and nice. From what the students wrote she was one caring lady. She will be greatly missed at school, church, and in our community.

I just hope everyone has a happy and healthy Christmas. This year I have decided to take on more than maybe I can handle. I out the Christmas tree up (the decorations are all at the top) Layton only (almost) tipped it over once, I think that is pretty good for a 18 month old! I hung their stockings and Santa plans to fill them too, and my new ambition(i don't think that is spelled right?) is to make Christmas cookies. What am I thinking? I think the reason I want to do all this stuff is to maybe set a tradition for my boys. "Mom always made "----Whatever kind I decide to make--- this kind of cookie for us" "Mom always let us set up the tree and place the Angel on top" or whatever tradition might make us unique. I also was impressed with my pumpkin carving this year. What single mom of a 18 month old and a 4 month old has time to carve 3 pumpkins?? Don't ask me how I did it but I did, and don't ask me how I'm going to make all the Christmas cookies I wanna make because I'm not really sure now I plan on getting it all done. But a woman can set goals can't she?

Layton is amazing me more and more everyday. I wish Ihad a voice recorder going at all times.. Yesterday he was watching the snow plows and came up with "Snow Trucks" Celver! Brenda taught him oooh lala!!! He says it in such a charming way too!!

Lane is my laid back lil fella. He loves the exersaucer and watching his older brother. He loves laughing at anyone who will sit and talk with him. He has discovered his feet and actually plays a little game with them.. he really likes it when I put the sleepers that have little animals on the feet. hehe

That's it for now. I hope to have a POSITIVE Christmas!!

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