Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I missed it again!

Today I set Lane down on the floor and went to get Layton a cup of milk, when I came back, Lane was on his tummy. Dang it. I missed the big roll over again!!!! I grabbed my camera hoping he would do it again, instead Layton wanted all the attention and also my phone wouldn't stop ringing. What the heck. Hopefully I will catch it soon!

Layton is still talking up a storm. Did I talk that much when I was a child?? Ha I bet some of my family can vouch for that one. I think I did.. infact I know I did because I have horrible memories of people telling me to STOP TALKING SO MUCH!!!!! I love it though, I can't wait to hear the things he will come up with in a few years.. He's newest saying is "LOVE YOU!!"

My Grandma is still in the ICU at Abbott. She is on the road to recovery! What a blessing!! and what a miracle!! I can't say enough about the ambulance crew and the hospital staff!! They saved my Grandma's life!! From what I understand now, 5 shocks usually doesn't do that job and the person is usually long gone if they have to do 5 shocks. Please PLEASE be CPR Trained and AED trained, you never know when you might have to use it and it does save lives!!! I am so Thankful this Holiday season!!!! Life gives curve balls but they aren't impossible to hit. We hit them head-on and deal with it.

Quote of the day from my Great Aunt in San Diego
"Patience for the patient!"

Until next time..


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