Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Time

Can you believe it's Christmas time already? Wow what a year it has been! Many ups and downs for this household but somehow we have managed to make it through! God only gives us as much as we can handle!
I like the way Traci wrote her Christmas Letter so I'm going to try to summerize my year!

Chad and I did a lot of Ice Fishing this month. It's going to be greatly missed this year. Layton was just a baby so we didn't get out to do much in January.

Was a little rough for me. A lot of silly stuff with some certain people. We encountered a few snow storms and if I remember correctly, Layton was sick a lot!

March was a good month and a very sad month. On the 25th Chad and I found out we were going to be having a baby boy! We were both very excited, although I did think it was going to be a girl! Oops! Just 3 days later Chad was killed in a car accident!

Started out with Chad's funeral. Not a good way to start a new month. Can't really remember what else happened this month. I just know it was kinda a blur!

Still much of a blur, At the end of the month I did have a big baby shower. Lots of family and friends came to honor baby Wingen!

LAYTON TURNED 1!!!!! We had a big party at the farm! I also hit up another Twins game!!

We got a lot of pool time in and the big event was this month. Lane was Born on July 29th!

Was spent with sleepless nights and a fussy baby! Thank Goodness he grew out of that!! Layton also finished up swimming lessons!!

I went back to work!! I had 1/2 the month off, it was nice getting back to work but I do still miss the extra time with my babies!

Fall Fun!! We hit up a few pumpkin and apple farms! And enjoyed Layton's first time trick or treating! I also got a few hunting trips in!!

Speaking of hunting. This is the month I missed that Monster buck!! Still is under my skin! oh well.. next year! We also had a a family emergency. My Grandma Bauer had a heart attack! and she survived it! She is amazing and we have so much to be thankful for this month and the rest!

Just started. We have spent a lot of time up at Abbott but have also been enjoying the Holiday season!! The Tree is up, the stockins are hung, and the presents are wrapped (in Santa's workshop of course!). Bring on Christmas!!:)

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