Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Double Pink Eye

I have to admit it has been kinda nice staying home with Pink Eye! Yes, Both Layton and myself have the red itchy eyes!! Don't get to close to us you might get it too!! We couldn't get into the dr today until 215 so we both have to stay home again tomorrow. Being I work with kids and Layton is around kids all day we were advised to just take the day off tomorrow! No problem!! It was kinda nice catching a nap with my lil boy today!! We watched Alvin and The Chipmunks and had soup and sandwiches for dinner! I love cozy winter days! Who knows what we will do tomorrow, maybe just hang out and enjoy our time together. Lane is going back out to the Wingens for the day!!

I have to mention Laytons new interest! Bombines!! Combines.. my goodness I had to look up pictures of combine on google so he could see one or two no wait I bet I looked at over 10 different combines! He even went through the Winthrop News and Gaylord hub looking for combines.. My mom finally pulled out the ad section that comes in the papers, out of the garbage so he had a BOMBINE to look at!!

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