Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas parties #2 and #3

The business of Christmas is over and here I sit with a house full of toys. There isn't even room to walk, so I am going to say this for next year. 1 toy per child, or we will be a toy story by the time they are 5!! haha. Every kid loves getting toys! It has been so fun this year. Layton was excited about Presn(presents). Every where he went he just got more presents!!!
On Tuesday we opened presents with my mom. Layton and Brayden fought over every toy each other opened. Next year we decided we are buying them both the exact same thing.. that way they can't fight over it! And I also decided I'm not going to be buying them so much stuff. When I buy things over time it doesn't seem like much until they start opening it and then I realize I bought way too much. oh well.. it was fun!!
Christmas Eve we headed to my Dads for dinner. Layton got a new bike and loved it. By this summer he will be tall enough to ride it! I can't wait!!! It is super cool!!! Lane just sat back and enjoyed watching his brother open all his gifts! Lane mostly got money since he doesn't really understand how to open presents yet! Christmas Eve we went to our Church for the Christmas service. Layton wasn't having a good night. He wanted nothing to do with sitting and coloring. He would say " Bye Bye" and try to walk out. I could only take so much so I walked out with him, he decided to make a mad dash for the balcony and biffed it on the steps and got a nice shiner. Everyone in church heard the bang and was wondering what I was doing to my child. No Worries I just have a klutz on my hands:) After Church we headed out to the farm. We just hung out and enjoyed each other company. Although, it wasn't the same without Grandma there. But it was still fun.
Santa came Christmas Morning and Layton enjoyed dumping out his stocking and opening a few gifts from the man in red. Lighting McQueen was by far his favorite toy from Santa! (Today we have had to watch Cars all morning and he had to have his Cars Pj's on). Then he headed to his Dads and Lane and I headed to Jim and Ruths for more good food and fun!!! Then it was out to Wingens, 13 kids under the age of 8 running around the house!! And when Santa came things got out of control. Haha.. LOTS and LOTS of screaming!!! It was fun to see the kids get so excited and it was fun to hang out with Chad's family. I just wish he was here to join us in the fun. we did get a huge sign from him. The Shed light flashed and flickered all night long. It was amazing to see!!!!! Then it was home to open the toys we just got and off to bed. Until next year...:)

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