Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First storm as a Mommy!

I just survived my first basement experience as a Mommy. My nerves are still acting up as I try to calm down!!! The direct TV went out so i was sitting on the computer talking to my cousin about the weather. She is informing me that there are funnel clouds all around us and that there was a tornado spotted on the ground just south of Winthrop!! I personally just thought it was something minor until I get up to tell my mom and the sirens go off!!! I went directly into Mommy mode and grabbed Layton out of his crib and headed to the basement! I nearly fell down the steps because I tripped on the gate but I caught myself..and Layton.. and made it down safely! Once my mom made it down she discovered water pouring in one of the basement windows, we just put new floor in down there so we had to stop the water before it ruined anything! The sirens kept going off and my cousin kept us updated!! It's so scary once your a mom and your main job is to protect your young!!! I still hate storms with Child or not, but I just wanted to protect Layton!!! Thank goodness it is over.. for tonight anyways, and I can, HOPEFULLY sleep peacefully!!! I hope we don't have to many more of those because I can't handle much stress!

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