Monday, June 30, 2008

A special weekend

I had a somewhat eventful weekend. Saturday My mom, Layton, Abby, Steve, Brenda, and I went out to Swedefest to enjoy the food and fun. Well The one day it rains in June has to be the day of Swedefest!!! The Wingens were there so we got to spend a little time with them before heading out in the rain to stand in line for supper. I just have to say a BIG thank you to my mom, Brenda, and Abby for helping me with Layton. It was wet and muddy and Layton had to be held the whole time we stood in line.. I bet we stood there for over a 1/2 hour. By the time we got to the food Layton was REALLY restless. We sat down to eat, and as I was taking the backpack off my back It swung hit my tray of food and threw it on the floor. Thank Goodness only a bun and chicken wing fell on the floor. It didn't really matter since Layton wasn't going to sit there while the rest of us ate. So I said, bring me my food in a to-go box and I'll eat it later. I picked up the wild child and headed for the church! I never did get to finish my food because I forgot about it in the car and well we all know what happens to food when it is left in a hot car. oops! Layton slept good that night!!

Sunday was my baby shower/get together for baby Wingen. It was very nice and relaxing! Chad's family joined us along with some of his friends and my friends and family. I got a lot of diapers (which will come in VERY handy and a lot of soaps!!) Some very creative and thoughtful gifts also!!! I want to thank my sister for planning and giving me this shower, she did a wonderful job with it, Myranda for helping Katie buy supplies and helping her set up, Brenda for bringing out the lawn games that no one played, but I still think it was a good idea, My Mom and Dad for Chasing Layton around and giving me time to chat with Friends and family, My Aunt Ruth for helping Katie with all the food, and especially my Grandma Bauer who was sick with the flu but still let us use the farm for this special day. Oh and I better thank Grandpa Bauer too because he did a lot of the cleaning and setting up!! And if I forgot someone and you did something important, THANK YOU!!!! It really means a lot to me that I have support whereever I need it. It's going to be tough but I know with Chad's parents just 5 minutes away and all my family here that we can do it!! And we will keep Chad a part of this babies life too!!! I added just a few pictures from the shower. The one of the 2 pregnant women is of Stacie (Chad's sister and I would say Best Friend) and I.. we are due 4 days apart, isn't it amazing!!!

Katie and I

34 weeks Pregnant

The Diaper Cake Astyn made for me
Just another pictures of the diaper Cake

Only 5 more weeks togo until Baby Wingen is here and I can't wait!!! I haven't been feeling the greatest so maybe he will come early.

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