Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Preparing for baby

Since I got a bunch of goodies at my shower the last couple days have been dedicated to putting things away and going through Layton's clothes from when he was a baby. OH MY! I am up to my HEAD in baby clothes and I still have a few more totes to go through PLUS There is not way possible this baby will even wear what I already have in the closest and dresser. I got the crib all ready and Layton's toddler bed. I put some car/truck sheets on both their beds and well since Layton loves cars and trucks, all he does is say VROOM VROOM and point to a car. Today I went and bought some plain blue sheets so he will sleep and not play in the bed!! Lil Stinker! I also got the carseat ready to go!! Layton had to test it out first!!!

Layton has been enjoying some time outside as well. He got a new lawnmower for his birthday and He LOVES It! Here he is mowing the lawn like Grandma Jenny does.

That's all I have for news. I went to the dr. today and tried to get her to let me have my c-section early but it never fails with Stubborn drs. Its still set at August 1st! And babys head is low and right on top of my bladder so that is just wonderful! Peeing every 10 minutes or having to go the second I stand up!! Only 4 more weeks to go!!!!! YAY!!!!

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