Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Layton started swimming lessons on Monday at the great Gaylord Pool!!! He did better than I expected him to. I was a little nervous on Sunday night, thinking he was going to cry the whole time and I would have to get in the pool with him and this whole swimming lesson thing would be a waste. Well he proved me wrong. He got right in there with Hannah (his teacher) and played for about 20 minutes and then the tears came. I'm glad he lasted that long!! I forgot to warn Hannah that she won't be wearing sunglasses when she is with Layton because he pulls them off your face. He loved playing with the slide and the lil waterfall that comes off of the slide. Hannah also got some toys out for him to play with. Today it went again and lasted the whole 30 minutes. He cried for the first half and then he warmed up and (I think) he started enjoying his lesson! More time was spent by the slide but he also seen trucks on the highway which I think helped calm him down. Hopefully everyday gets a little better. I know he is too young to understand the whole swimming lessons thing but hopefully he will be used to the water and to having a teacher and not me in the water. I think he will be a little swimmer like I was.

And as far as updates with me, well the countdown begins!

9 days until my C-Section!!!!!!!

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