Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Change in Plans!

Today I went to the dr. for my final appointment with the surgeon. He asked what date we had picked out and I said August 1st. Then he goes.. oh, well, I don't know if I work that day, let me go check the schedule. So 10 minutes later he returns and says, I don't work August 1st, you have a choice of July 29th or some other date in early August. Of course I picked July 29th. That's when I started getting nervous. All of a sudden it hit me. In 6 days I am going to be a parent of two. and A single one too! Although I will have Chad's family here to help it's still super scary!!! Wow.. July 29th!!! I have a lot to get ready before then. So now that everything has been changed I will be spending as much time with Layton as I can because that first week I might not get to spend good quality time with him:(. That's makes me super sad but once we are all settled in I will enjoy spending time with my two boys!!!! I'll keep ya updated with any news about the baby once I return home!! Wish me Luck!!:)

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