Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Overseas Scare

A while back we had a foreign exchange student from Spain. Over the years he has kinda become a brother to us and he still calls Katie and I his sisters and our boys his nephews (even though he has never met them yet). Well anyways, He is a flight attendent (or something with the airlines) in Spain. He has always wanted to work for the airlines. Well today Mom calls me from work and informs me about a plane crash in Madrid, Spain that has killed 150 people. Of course I go into panic mode because that's just how I am and I try and contact Vin via e-mail right away!!! I also got on the phone and tried to contact some of his friends he made here in Winthrop who still keep in contact with him. No Luck. I checked me e-mail and the news all day just WAITING for something to tell me Vin was okay!!!

Well just about an hour ago I get an e-mail that says "I'm Alive!!". My fears of my brother being gone went away! Today was his day off and the place was from a different company so he was no where near the crash!!! Uff Da! Keeping everyone and their families in my prayers!!!!

From KEYC: A developing story overseas this midday:Close to 150 people are believed dead after a plane crash in Spain.The jetliner bound for the Canary Islands swerved off the runway while departing from the Madrid airport and caught fire.Thick, white smoke billowed from the scene at the airport.Authorities there say of the 173 passengers aboard the plane, only 26 survived.

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