Saturday, February 7, 2009

I need to start making notes!

I first thing I want to do before anything else is wish Chad a HAPPY HEAVENLY BIRTHDAY!!! We miss his so much and now that Lane is growing up I really miss him more. I feel as though he is missing out on so much, I know though that he is with us every step of the way even if we can't "See" him!!! Watch for your balloons Chad, they will be coming up to Heaven with a lot of love!!!!!
Tuesday was Brayden's 2nd Birthday. The family headed out to Ej's for supper and fun. Layton's dream came true that night. He spotted Lighting McQueen hanging over the pool table. He couldn't get enough of that car. I had to peel him off the pool so I could eat my supper. Which by the way I never got to do because Layton's wheels were going and his favorite place to run too was the Off Sale room. There was no way I was going to leave him unattened too in there, I would have one large supper bill!!! Brayden also got a few lessons from Auntie on his birthday, all ya need is a video game and a fake gun and you have free deer hunting!!:) Isn't life great.

Here is a picture of Layton and his drum set. He was quite the player too. He had cymbols too. They were really loud. The things he is doing now just makes me laugh. Ok, I wasn't going to share this story but i decided i'm going too. Layton knows where his penis is and isn't afraid to point it out at any time. Well at daycare he is the little boss man and is always up in everyones business. So they were changing one of the baby girls diapers and layton says "Whered it go?" and with every girl diaper that is changed this pharse is soon to follow. This week they got a new baby boy at daycare and Layton is right there while they are changing his diaper and when he spots the lil guys penis he says "There it is!!" What a smart little guy I have on my hands. He is always saying new things and I just love the smiles brings me and everyone else!!!

This pictures is of Layton in "Time Out". I have never seen a kid so happy to be there! I sent him there the other day for hitting him and I said in a very stern way, YOU NEED A TIME OUT..So he holds my hand and walks over there and sits down and begins to fake cry. I couldn't help but laugh. After one minute I tell him he can get up and well he just stays there and fake cries a little more. But now he will go there and sit and put his head down in shame and after his minute is over he goes and says he is sorry and life is great!:)

Lane is great also, he cut his first tooth last night, Don't know how thats going to feel for me since I am still nursing!! Hopefully I don't have too many battle wounds!! He is sitting up by himself and scooting all over. He tries so hard to get up on all 4's but just doesn't have the strength yet. It won't be long!! Well Im trying to remember everything I wanted to blog about but I'm sure there is something I am forgetting, thats why I need to start making notes!!!
I'm off to the Wingens to release Chad's balloons to Heaven!!! Pictures to follow!

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