Thursday, April 9, 2009

Is that a golf course I see open?

Spring is finally here!!! Well it has been here for a while but now its starting to feel more like spring. Tomorrow the Winthrop Golf Course opens. I cannot wait to get out there. I really haven't done much golfing in the last two years due to the birth of my children:) Hopefully Layton and Lane will enjoy golf as much as I do! Enough about golf on to my children.

Layton is growing up so fast that sometimes I can't believe he is going to be 2 already!!! He can spell his name, sing most of his ABC's and is a very polite young child. I feel very lucky. He is also a little bossy but sometimes I can be bossy to so I understand where gets it from. I have also noticed lately that he is role playing a lot. The other night he had a baby doll and was pretending to be its Mommy. He rocked it and put it night night. Then gave it a ride on the fire truck (fire fuck as he was say). He also sang her a few songs. It was so cute to watch.

Lane is on the move!! He stands up by everything and walks along the couch or whatever he can get his hands on!! He actually listened to me last night when we were going to bed and I told him to "lay down now" and he looked at me with a big smile and laid his head down, about 2 seconds later he was sitting up again smiling and laughing at me. So I would say it again "lay down" and I would point to the bed, and he would lay down again. Its fun to see the changes they go through. Pretty soon I'm no longer going to have babies.

Well I'm going to go enjoy the nice weather by hitting some golf balls around!!! Happy Easter Everyone!

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