Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Layton

Wow.. Abby informed me the last time I was on here was May 1st!! Oops.. Sorry.. With the new farmtown app on facebook I rarely get time to go on here.. Ha just kidding. Anyways, our summer has been pretty eventful all ready. We had Layton's 2nd Birthday Party. Can you believe it..He is 2 already!!! The day of his birthday Him and I enjoyed a day to ourselves. We took Lane out to Wingens then we headed to the Minnesota Zoo. Layton had a blast. He loves animals. His favorite part of the zoo was the farm.. Why wouldn't it be. We can only drive 3 miles to see a farm but thats the part of the zoo he enjoyed the most! After the zoo we headed out to my grandparents farm to see the surprise my mom got all the kids. It was a John Deere Gator!! Layton was so excited to see it, s ince it was his birthday he got the joy of the first viewing!:) (Picture below). Then we had drive in for supper, and invited a few family over for ice cream cake!! It was an awesome day and I look forward to many more birthday like that. Now I am planning Lane's first birthday!! Oh Boy... can you believe that!!

That weekend we had Layton's birthday party. It was a nice day also. He got lots of toys and outfits and even a John Deere birthday cake!! Pretty cool huh.. I decided its going to be my tradition to get my kids cool birthday cakes. Last year Layton had a cool baseball cake, now the problem is..what kind of Cake am I going to get Lane!!!!! i'll try to post pictures once I figure it out!

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