Friday, March 26, 2010

On the verge of tears at work... AGH!

Wow, what a day. I feel like Im working at a flippin prison with immature inmates!!!!! Well.. Okay Im working at a high school but from what I remember in High School. Things never seemed this bad!!! Really, I am sitting here on the verge of tears and about ready to go tell the principal that things are OUT of control here.. We have a bunch of kids who act like they have had NO lesson on respect and where it is okay to mess around with friends and where it is NOT okay to mess around. They have no respect for teachers, for staff, and for other people around here. They lie and steal and swear. Push and shove and wrestle on the floors. There is a new thing as sexting that is a HUGE problem. I can't believe it. But what sent me over the edge today was the fact that I walk into my 6th hour class, look over see a girl giggling but pay no attention to it. Then I sit down on my seat and find out there is a puddle of water there that I just SAT in. First, it was super embarrassing!!! Second, the kid said it was an accident that he spilt water on my seat. Third, the girl that was giggling ratted him out. and told me he did it while she continues to laugh. Fourth- I had to leave work and drive home with a wet butt to change clothes. sixth- I didn't get my flower seeds planted during that hour. Seventh- The kid comes and confronts me and just chews my butt for making up such a huge lie.. MY GOD.. Kid... you don't like me to begin with and then to pull that and get away with it. This was not like a few dribbles of water but it was a good puddle on the chair! CLEAN IT UP if it was an accident!!! I am just soo sick of kids these days. Its the reason I will raise my kids in a way where they learn respect for others and themselves. AGH..... and to add to my emotions, this Sunday will be 2 years since Chad has been gone. Thursday was a hard day for me because 2 years ago on that day was the last time I seen him alive!! It hurts so incredibly bad!!!!!

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