Thursday, April 10, 2008


So Layton has went from a laid back mellow fellow to a never ending busy bee. He still is a lot more mellow than his cousin Brayden but boy, is he sure MOVING! I can't keep up. He loves pushing toys, bottles, balls, trucks or whatever he can get his hands on around the kitchen. He will spend 15 minutes in there chasing the things that get a way from him. His new thing as of Lately is pointing. (See picture below)

Another one of his favorite things to do is wrestle. Everyday when I get home from work we wrestle on the floor. Well I think he has learned that anyone or anything that is laying on the floor wants to wrestle with him. He would not leave Brayden alone one night when Brayden just wanted to lay on the floor and drink his bottle. I had to peel Layton off of him but he would go right back to Brayden. Apparently he is now doing this at daycare. Don't know how I am going to explain that one to him. Oops.. what kind of mother am I!! The next picture is of Brayden and Layton.. I think Layton couldn't get out of that hold even if he tried his hardest. Brayden was getting him back for all the times Layton attacked him!!

That's all that is new with us. I am still trying to understand the last couple of weeks. Everyday gets a little better, not really easier, but better!!! I hope I can stay strong through every emotion that runs through my already tired body!!!

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