Thursday, April 17, 2008

My little baby isn't a baby anymore

Today I had to hold back the tears as I brought a blanket and pillow to daycare. You are probably wondering why I would cry over that..Well Layton is no longer sleeping in the playpen at daycare. He is now sleeping on the floor with the big kids! Yesterday he followed one of this "friends" into the living room and laid down by him and fell a sleep on the floor. And today he did the same thing. He will not move or play with the kids or try to wrestle them. He just goes to sleep. Those ladies have something in their blood that kids love because I could never get him to do that!! He just wants to be a big boy!

Nothing else is new with me. I think I am getting bigger by the second but that's what happens when your pregnant I guess!! We are all so excited to meet this new blessing!!!

Until next time....

First time at the park!

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