Saturday, April 19, 2008

Girls Night

Friday night us younger girl cousins went out for the night!! It was a blast! It was so nice to get out again and laugh a little! ok...maybe we laughed A LOT! I being the oldest was the driver of the oldest car! We made it there and back safely though. We went to eat at Ruttles in St. Peter first. Katie hadn't been to St. Peter since "her junior year of high school!" or so she says.. And she was just shocked that ruttles was right next to the movie theater.. HOW COOL!! We gave our waiter a hard time just because the menu and specials were confusing for a bunch of girls! Long story so I'm not going to go into detail about it.

Then we walk over to the movie theater, Katie was also very shocked that we were going to leave our car in the parking lot and walk to the movie theater. It was okay though, it didn't get towed. We went to Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Abby and I got our free popcorn without any trouble. Expect when the other 3 girls thought I budged in front of some poor college student but he actually let me go in front of him! I guess Kt and Linds had an eventful time at the concession stand. You will have to ask them but I think it involved the manger flinging open a popcorn bag and then running off to fix the movie screen. "CAN I HELP WHOSE NEXT!" The movie was really funny and apparently a group of guys behind us thought it was so funny that they had to laugh REALLY loud and annoying at EVERY LITTLE THING! My hormones were running wild by that time. Thank Goodness I was able to control myself before I decided to throw some popcorn at them!

It was a good time all around. I'm glad I was able to get out with those girls and have a fun time!! Can't wait to do it again!!!
Katie and I at Ruttles
"My Popcorn"--I guess Kt didn't want her popcorn in the picture..she threw it on the ground!
Uecker Cousins at Lisa's Wedding Shower!! Love them!!!

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