Thursday, February 11, 2010

Indentity Theft

I learned the hard way today. I went up to the Flower Shop in Winthrop to order some balloons for the boys for Valentines day. And I gave them my debit card and it was declined.. Twice. So I thought what the heck, I know there is money in there so whats going on. Well I went back up to work and logged onto my online banking and I see I am -$1400 in the hole!! WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!! I go to take a closer look and someone went on a shopping spree using my account number in Austin Texas. Surely wasn't me. So I called the bank right away and they locked my account. AGH! Seriously people!! Why do you have to make other peoples lives a living hell just so you can have what you want. Needless to say the Diaper and Milk I was gonna buy after work had to wait because I have NO MONEY! or no debit card! I can't wait until the bank fixes this problem so I can go on with my happy life!

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