Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Its back in the bank..

Just to inform you that my money is back in the bank! Wow was that a pain in the rear end!!! I wish I could find the person who decided to steal $2200 from me! Im glad it all worked out okay.. Just a little boring update on the weekend.. Saturday the boys and I hung out at home, I got flowers delievered to the house :) Awesome surprise. and then later that evening Tara came over so Curt and I could enjoy some time out. We went to Mankato putzed around for a bit then went to eat at BWW. It was nice to just get away. Around this time last year we were starting to get to know each other and hang out every other weekend. I could not be happier with the way things turned out!! He is such a great man:) Anyways we came home and watched a movie we were both too tired to finish it so we headed to bed. An exciting evening :)Sunday the boys and I started the holiday with breakfast at Grannies. It was nice to treat my boys to some strawberry pancakes. We then headed to the farm to spend some time with my Grandparents. The boys love visiting with them and its amazing how fast they transform into children themselves when the kids come out! Its always fun. Grandpa bought a heart shaped pizza and thats what we had for dinner. After dinner Layton made his way out to the barn with Travis to see all the new baby sheep. That pretty much sums up my weekend.. Haha just kidding. I had the day off on Monday and since I broke a tooth on Friday I decided I better go to the dentist. I dropped the boys off at Daycare and headed to Hutch. The dentist decided that I needed a crown and made the tooth in 5 minutes. Amazing if you ask me. It was pretty painless. I was nervous because who ISN'T nervous going to the dentist but I guess after surviving two c-sections the dentist isn't so bad. Anyways, I was in and out and on my way with a numb mouth. Needless to say I wish I still had a numb mouth because my tooth is causing my extreme pain!!! I hope nothing else is wrong.. agh. Makes me cringe at the thought of going back! (wait it wasn't that bad was it??)..

Well I better check on Jamie (Laytons name for tonight) He seems to be finding horses in every closest!

Signing off......Katie (the name Layton has given me for the evening)

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