Monday, February 8, 2010

When will I see Green??

Sorry for the lack of updates. With Winter comes a lot of time indoors so I haven't had much to discuss. Today we are getting another blasting with this winter dust. And Im beginning to wonder if I will ever see the beautiful green grass again. Its so depressing. But anyways, On to bigger and better things..

The boys are growing like weeds..Lane is really shooting out the words and its fun to hear him learn new words but then again, I am missing my baby!! Where did he go!?!? Layton and him are really starting to play well together. They wrestle and fight and pick on each other. Oh Gosh, I guess the fun is starting!! Believe me they do play nice together too. When Lane isn't picking on his big brother he is yanking on my clothes is with famous "UNh unH!! I think he is used to getting his way when he does that. Layton is really into being a big boy (that includes time outs too!), he loves playing games and putting together puzzles. Its great to see him be able to put together a puzzle and then be so proud of his work!! Pretty soon he will be going to school.. Ok. I don't even want to think about that yet. Next big thing for Layton will be potty training. He really has no desire to go on the big boy potty. I even tried lightening McQueen undies. I need that potty training book that says you can potty train them in a weekend!! I better find it!

Well thats it for now, this Momma is looking forward to spring. I'm hoping to hit the golf course as soon as it opens. Also continue to play a little volleyball and hopefully spend LOTS and LOTS of time outdoors.. Maybe even get Layton on the Golf Course!!! Update when I have more exciting things to tell you.. Hopefully it is that Layton is potty trained!

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