Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back to school..for Mommy!

No I'm not going back to College.. Somedays I wish I was back at college..I am going back to work today!! Am I excited?? Yes I am thrilled! Don't get me wrong, I love staying home with the kids but I also love interacting with the "older" kids too, although sometime they act like my kids but I still enjoy working with them! This week I work from 12:10 to 3:45 but they called me yesterday and offered me more hours so starting next Monday I will be working from 8:15-3:45..almost full time. I'm gonna miss the mornings with my boys but we will get plenty of time to play when I get home from work!! That's the newest detail in my life..

and I suppose everyone is wondering how bow hunting went on Saturday. Well it rained the entire time BUT I seen deer and that's always fun! Dad walked me to my spot and then left to go stand in his spot.. Well I'm puttsing around because it was kinda boring playing with the chipmunks, when all of sudden I hear Dad calling my name so I run out of the woods thinking he shot a deer already but really he was watching a Buck and doe and wanted me by him in hopes of getting a nice shot at one. Well We watched them for a little bit then the buck disappeared so I moved to a new spot just about 100 yards from dad. I didn't see the buck but I watched 2 small does eat off a tree. So I did have some action but nothing close enough to shoot. Hopefully this fall I will have time to get out there more and HOPEFULLY I will atleast get a shot off at that MONSTER buck!!!

Well nothing else is new with me, Layton is going to Daycare full time now and he loves it!! He learns so much there! Lane will be with Karen (his Grandma) most of the days, I don't think infants that small should be in daycare yet. He needs lots of TLC!!:) He will be going to daycare 2 days a week though.

Well until something new happens...

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