Thursday, September 11, 2008


**If you are not a believer you might not want to read this blog.**

On Tuesday Katie and I went and seen a psychic medium. The experience was amazing. She told Katie and I things that there is NO WAY she would know about. A lot of my reading had to do with Chad. And I think it will help with the grieving process. Now if you don't believe in these things then you won't ever have signs from loved ones. It's a healing method. I believe Chad is with us just by somethings that have happened to me. Chad was also a believer in Ghosts and LOVED the show ghost hunters. Well apparently there was a ghost in our house waking up the boys, (thats why I never sleep at night!) his name was Bobby (Robert) and he was about 10 years old, he died in the 1930's and was sick at the time of his death. Chad wanted our house to be peaceful again so that's why he told the psychic about Bobby. She opened the light and released the ghost of our house. What is strange is that we always heard creeking upstairs when no one was up there. So far I haven't heard any creeking since she removed Bobby. Ha..anyways, it was an emotional experience also, Chad got to hold Lane's soul before he (Lane) was put on earth on July 29th. There is so much more she told me and I have a tape of our reading just so I can listening to it whenever I need it!! But you have to be a believer to believe even a little bit of it. To be honest I didn't believe everything she told me but who can get everything right!!!!

So, it was fun and different, and I'll leave it at that!

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