Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's about that time of year!

Yup you guessed it, it's almost HUNTING season!!!! I decided mommy needed a new toy so I purchased myself a new bow. On September 13th I officially get to put it to use as archery season opens and I will be off searching for the great white tailed deer. and one with Antlers too! I just get so pumped up around this time of year. There is no greater rush than sitting in the woods listening to every sound of nature and hoping that one cracking stick is from a massive deer stepping on it, making it's way to my tree stand. I can't wait to look into the squirrels eyes that is on the tree next to me and wonder if it is going to attack me, I can't wait to watch the birds fly over and have no idea I am sitting there. and I can't wait to just enjoy being in the woods on a nice fall day in search of some food to put on the table. Heck, I have to provide for my family!! Well I'm off to do some more target shooting, I need to prep myself for when that monster makes it way towards me on the 13th!!

I'll leave you with some pictures of my new bow and a new one of Lane! Can you believe he will be 6 weeks old on Tuesday!

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